Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monthly Theme Day-Lace!

Hello, all! I'm going to celebrate my triumphant return to blogging with a two-outfit post on one of VictorianKitty's theme days-this time, lace. Here's the outfit I wore to last night's premier of my university's production of Almost, Maine, which I designed a scene for:
Black raschel lace blouse- Arc
Green and black lace corset-Fusion Federation
Black lace skirt-Forever 21
Black lace armwarmers-Claire's
Patent-toe Mary Jane heels-Ross 
 And here's today's outfit, the official October 1st Lace Outfit!
Black lace shrug-LoveCulture
Black and nude lace camisole-Arc
Lavender net and lace skirt-Repeat Boutique
Black chunky Mary Janes-Arc
So I basically have enough lace stuff in my wardrobe that I could probably do an entire month's worth of outfits, just made out of various lace items. These are just a few of my favorites. Even though the corset in the first one is a fashion corset rather than a real one, it's just so pretty that I forgive it its plastic boning and cheap busk-I love that particular shade of green, and black lace is my third biggest weakness, right after corsets and striped socks. Or, really, any color of lace. I have an especial love of lined stretch lace tops-in addition to this cami, I have an olive green one, two black ones (one of which is kind of falling apart because it's been worn so much...sadface), a purple one and a red one. They are so fun, subtly sexy, and easy to wear! I definitely like stretch lace better in tops, though-the skirt I'm wearing in the first outfit is cheap stretch lace, and it's definitely showing, with all the lovely plastic-y threads hanging out and fraying around the edges. Despite my current almost-moratorium on buying new stuff, I would definitely spring for a long non-stretch black lace skirt!


  1. I adore your skirt in the bottom photo, as well as your super shiny Mary Janes. In fact I love everything about your second outfit. I must find that skirt in black.

    Your corset photograph is fierce. I am a big fan of wearing blouses like that under strapless dresses; I will have to try it with corsets (maybe November goth night).

    Great post!

  2. I like that shade of green on your corset too :D and that camisole in the second photo is very pretty!

  3. Two great looks!! Both are wonderful choices for today's theme. The corset is very lovely, and goes great with what you've paired it with. I agree with siouxsielaw in loving everything about the second outfit! I believe that shrug is exactly like the satin one I am wearing in my Lace post today, but in lace (I just pulled the elastic part closed in front for a different look). In fact, I have the lace version too!

  4. Aww, thanks everybody! Siouxie, I thrifted the skirt, but the brand on the tag is "Age of Love by Nataya." And I find some of my blouses that have cap/puff sleeves look really good under corsets. Snowhyte, thanks-I love black lace over nude lining, but I think it is hard to find pieces that look elegant, rather than risque, in that combo, so when I find one like the cami, I snatch it up. VictorianKitty, I noticed that too-too funny!

  5. Both outfits are gorgeous, I especially love the second one! The lavender and the nude top are a lovely match! Hail from a fellow geeky goth gal! :)

  6. Just LOVE that lavender skirt!
    Looks awesome!

  7. You look so good in both of these outfits! Love them both! I adore the top in the bottom outfit and I would love to have that skirt in black or purple. :)