Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess, or Halloween Week, Day 2

Hello, my dearest darlingest readers! Today, I made an endeavor to put my regular clothes together in a pseudo-costume, just to have a little fun pre-Halloween. Not that I don't sometimes skirt the edges of costume in my everyday clothing anyway, but this time it's deliberate. :) So, today I wanted to be a princess-because outside of the forced marriages, the constant maintenance of a perfect public facade, and the endless state dinners with endlessly boring people, what's not to love? I kid, I kid-mostly. The two teenage daughters of the Prime Minister of Spain, who are pseudo-princesses, are both rad and Goth-y, and Duchess Middleton seems quite a lovely lady. And we all know how bad-ass Elizabeth I was! I, of course, wanted to be an elegant, sweeping-skirted, pseudo Gothy princess-if they made a Disney princess of me, I would sing Emilie Autumn-esque songs and bats, rats, and black cats would come out to help me make my fabulous corsetted ballgown.
Silver chain necklace-Inherited
Black lace blouse-DA thrift
Black tank-Goodwill
Silver and black underbust corset-Punk69
Silver silk dupioni skirt-Arc
Black heeled boots-Ross
Here's a closeup of the lovely silver pin-I didn't realize until I was looking at the pictures that it and my corset were off-center to each other, but oh well!
So that's my first "costume"-Goth princess! I did get a couple more compliments than usual, and even some people who know me well (and thus know how "formally" I dress every day relative to most people my age) asked me what I was all dressed up for. I took great pleasure in telling them I was dressed up to celebrate the fantasticness of life! The ankle length light-colored silk formal skirt was a little tricky to work around, even for me, so I would only dress like this every day if I actually was a princess who lived in a palace with no dirty floors or staircases, and had servants who could give me large napkins to prevent food stains and follow me around with a steamer to get the wrinkles out. But it sure is fun for once-in-a-while! (BTW, the skirt is one of my favorite thrift finds-real silk and I got it for $2.50 on a 1/2 off Saturday sale at Arc!) If you were a princess, what wildly impractical item of clothing would you wear on an everyday basis?

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