Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Catty (or, Gothy Symbols Week Day 2)

More kittycats, huzzah! Since I can't have a cat where I live (darn campus housing...) I'm expressing my love of them vicariously though my clothing this week. Today, (as it is so often with me), it was really all about the socks:
Gold bell-sleeved blouse-Repeat Boutique
Black vest-Buffalo Exchange
Beaded bracelet-Forever21 
Maroon plaid skirt-Goodwill
Black capri tights-???
Cat socks-The Crypt 
Chunky goth shoes-Repeat Boutique
Here's a close-up of the socks-they are just too fun and awesome! I think of them as my Harry Potter socks, because the cat is rather witchy looking and the gold and maroon colors are like Gryffindor!
This is the only pair of capri tights that I own-they mysteriously turned up in my laundry last year, and I asked my roommates and friends, and even posted a sign in the laundry room, but no one claimed them, so I kept them. Normally I dislike footless/capri tights (I've only picked up a couple of pairs of footless tights on clearance, and even then I wear them with boots so you can't tell they are footless!), but these are pretty nice for wearing under kneesocks on cold days like today. I guess even the most annoying fashion trends can have their uses. Do any of you have a trend you normally can't stand that serves an occasional function for you?


  1. Kitties! I love it :D and I covet your socks lol, this outfit is great. I wear knee socks a lot because I get cold all the time and they help keep my legs warm under my thinner dress pants when I'm at work etc. But, I like your idea here a lot better because it shows off the pattern!
    No trends are coming to mind at the moment unless this counts - one thing that annoys me about fashions right now is that sweaters for juniors sizes and even many misses ones have no sleeves! I see many come into work (a dept store) that could be cute but have short or no sleeves...it gets near or below zero where I am in the winter...that no sleeves thing just doesn't cut it lol. BUT I usually give in and buy one anyway because it is cute..I just stock up on long sleeve t-shirts for underneath!!

  2. You look adorable! I love that skirt, and of course the CATS!!! :) Nice that the gold top matches so perfectly!

    Ugh, I never understood sleeveless sweaters, either! I mean, if it's cold enough for a sweater, it's too cold for bare arms... right? If it weren't for fashion blogs, I might never have thought to wear a long-sleeve top underneath. Maybe I'll get some use out of those this winter, finally! :)