Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Insert Lame News/Print Pun Here

Yep, it's time for that awesomest of garments again...the newsprint corset! Since VictorianKitty made a special point of mentioning it in the comments on my last post, I decided to wear it today! I didn't actually have class today on account of it being ANZAC day (New Zealand's memorial day equivalent), but I figure, as long as I'm meeting friends to work on a group project and studying in the library for a paper due Friday, I might as well look fabulous doing it.
Black t-shirt-The Warehouse
Black halter vest-Fusion Federation
Newsprint Corset-Punk69
Black cotton gypsy skirt-Salvation Army
Patterned fishnets-Target
Black flats-Ross
I love this skirt a lot-it's super-full (probably 4 or 5 yards at the hem) and swishes around in a most appealing way when I walk. I wasn't sure about this outfit when I put it on, but seeing it in full, I like it-the corset and funky tights break up all the black and keep it from being too oppressive-looking! I get compliments on this corset every time I wear it; definitely one of my best and favorite purchases of forever. I miss the rest of my corsets (sitting back home some 8,000 miles away), but this one is far and away my favorite, desert-island-keeper of a corset, and I'm glad I brought it with me! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Bit O' Boyish Style...

With little prelude, I present this outfit, because I know you'll be very surprised by it:
Grey hat-Scarf Co. 
Sword necklace-Asian Gifts
Black lace blouse-Arc
Grey tweed vest-Arc
Grey tweed pants-Salvation Army
Black trouser socks-TJ Maxx
Black ankle boots-The Warehouse
Yes, I actually wore pants today. I know, I know-I'll give you all a few moments to recover from your shock. I actually now own three pairs of pants-the ones in this pic, a similar pair of grey knickers, and one pair of black jeans. I haven't made any blog-worthy outfits with the others, but I really liked this outfit. I actually only bought these because they matched the vest so well-the fabrics are almost exact matches! I actually really like the vaguely "Newsies" vibe of this outfit-I'm normally the girliest of girly girls, but if I'm gonna do tomboy, dammit, I'm gonna do sassy, Victorian-urchin tomboy! I also like these pants because they're wide-legged and therefore much more comfortable than normal pants-I will never for the life of me understand the insistence that jeans are the most comfy things ever, because with all the thick seams, buttons, zippers, and snaps, I've never found them comfortable at all! Give me a good flowy silk peasant skirt any day-or in lieu of that, some sweet wool tweed trouser-style pants. :)

Also, I bought this hat on my trip because we were only showering about every other day, and I have the kind of scalp oil production that could resolve the Mid-East Crisis and I needed something to cover my Professor Snape-esque locks, but wearing it has made me realize how much I miss hats. There's a couple shops in Wellington that sell cheapie costume-style hats, and I might have to buy a few just to tide me over until I get back home! It's crazy to think that it's only a little over two months now...but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Steamy Return!

No, not that way! Apologies for my absence, best beloved readers, but I've spent the last 12 days traipsing around the South Island of New Zealand on my spring break, living out of a suitcase and a van and having limited access to both showers and the Internet-not exactly conditions highly conducive to blogging! But I'm back, and in honor of AnomalyCon back home (which I couldn't go to for obvious reasons, being 8,000 miles away and all) I decided to go with a steampunk-influenced theme for this week's outfits. Apologies for the cockeyed picture-my tripod broke just as I was setting up to take the picture and I need to get another one, so bear with me!
Heart necklace-Arc
Sheer black blouse-NZ Clothing Company
Black lace cami-Arc
Fingerless gloves-Claire's
Purple satin skirt-Fiji flea market
Black chiffon skirt-Salvation Army
Black buckled boots-Ross
You can't really see it in the pic, but this skirt is a lovely deep plum color. I came to NZ with only black, white, red and a bit of grey in my wardrobe, and told myself that I'd live with that, but darned if I don't keep finding pretty items of other colors that I just can't resist! And really, a Goth girl can never have enough purple in her wardrobe, so...
Anyway, that's today's outfit. Stay tuned for more steamy and Victorian-influenced goodness as the week progresses-I'm glad to be back! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All My Cards On The Table

Or on my legs, as the case may be...I felt today was very much a black, white, and red kinda day. And this was the outfit that resulted:
Red lace blouse-Fiji flea market
Black and white polka-dot cami-Savers
Black vest corsetlet-Fusion Federation
Black ruffled skirt-Recycle Boutique
Playing card socks-Hot Topic
Black chunky Mary Janes-The Warehouse
I know I've worn this skirt a kajillion and two times in the past month, but I seriously love it more than words can express. It's subtly sexy (long in the back, but the folded-over front ruffle exposes more leg when I walk), comfortable, easy to wear, looks good, and adds an automatic steampunk/neo-Victorian touch to every outfit. When I saw it in the store I believe I ran over to it shouting "My precious! MY PRECIOUS! YOU WILL BE MINE!" Ok, nothing so dramatic, but I did snatch that puppy up pretty quick. About the only downside is that all those lovely pleated ruffles take about 20 minutes to iron every time I wear it and wash it...but I consider it time well-spent. 

Also, how fun are these socks? I would wear them a lot more often, except the Hot Topic sock designers  apparently used a drainpipe as the model for the leg, as they actually get SMALLER at the top and thus aren't terribly comfortable. Now I don't know about you, my lovelies, but my thighs are actually bigger than my calves, and thus ideally socks would be bigger at the top to accommodate that. But maybe I'm just a freak of nature, and most girls are going around with Bratz-doll toothpick legs. What do I know? :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two-For-One, Textural Edition

I didn't really know what to do for a theme this week, and then I realized that I have acquired some really cool clothes with really interesting textures and fabrics, so I'd do outfits focused on them this week:
Key necklace-Made by me
Cream and black lace dress-Suva flea market
Black corded tights-Wal-Mart
Black chunky Mary Janes-The Warehouse

Faux pearl necklace-Inherited
Black shrug-Rainbow
White tank top-Savers
Newsprint corset-Punk69
Black and white striped handwarmers-Claire's
Black fishnet over white satin skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Black boots-Target
The first dress, I love. It is short but not too short, playful, and it has pockets. Yay pockets! I also love the combination of cream and black lace. In the second outfit, the newsprint corset and the skirt are battling it out for my favorite item-the corset is an old favorite, but the skirt is a new acquisition. It was $20, which is more than I usually spend on one item, but it was SO. GORGEOUS. that I didn't even hesitate. The white satin lining is bias-cut, so it has a wonderful swinging fullness to it. I feel very much a punk princess in it, between the full, elegant cut and the fishnet outer layer. It's seriously amazing, and totally worth the extra money! Do any of you have a piece that cost a little more but you *had* to have?