Monday, December 12, 2011

I Have No Theme, Or Finals Week Day 1

So, this week there is no particular organized theme-seeing as it's finals week, I'm moving out on Thursday, and I literally have four days worth of clothes with me...but I still want to look spiffy! I've got no specific color/idea this week 'cept looking pretty, so here's how I went about it today:
Black lace shrug-LoveCulture
Maroon velvet top-Goodwill
Silver corset-Punk69
Black lace fingerless gloves-Forever 21
Black velvet crinkle skirt-Arc
Black tights-Wal-Mart
Black Mary Jane heels-Wal-Mart
It was cute and comfortable for the two finals that I had today. Tonight I had a Christmas party with my dear friends, and received several lovely and Goth-y presents, which I hope to wear in the next couple of days. I love my friends dearly, and they know me too well. Are any of you in college or high school and dealing with finals? And if you aren't, can you tell me how you got through 'em? 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas-Goth, Day 1...4...Heck, Who Knows?

Hi, gentle readers! Deepest apologies for my absence from the blog-o-sphere for the past week, I've been prepping for finals and things have gotten pretty crazy. I have been faithfully recording my outfits, though-I've gone red and green this week, to celebrate the coming Christmas (for me, at least) holidays. I'll just go ahead and post today's outfit for today, and keep the rest in reserve for when I'm at home (in less than a week, yay!) and generally wearing nothing more fascinating than leggings and big t-shirts. :) 
Heart necklace-Arc 
Pinstriped blazer-Plato's Closet
Green peacock feather corset-Punk69
Black and red brocade skirt-Savers
Black suede pirate boots-Shoe Carnival
I love this skirt-it's so elegant and classic, it makes me feel like a princess! And no one could tell I was wearing fleece-lined leggings underneath to protect my legs from the cold, so score one for deceptively comfy elegance. I was quite happy with this outfit, actually-I think it really managed to be festive without being too "Christmas-y" and I just felt super-classy all day long. It was the combination of the pretty corset (this is one of my favorites), the "professional" blazer, and the wonderful, wonderful skirt. I'm actually fairly certain, given the fact that the hem of this skirt was obviously put in by hand and the fabric is an extremely high quality silk brocade, that this skirt was once the bottom half of someone's prom dress. I'm very glad they decided to pass it on so I could throw a little princess into my everyday look! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monthly Theme Post: Outerwear AND Character Week, Day 4

Well, it was rather fortuitous indeed that today's Monthly Theme Post was outerwear-we just got a cold front here in CO, and I need to wear my nice heavy coat for the first time in about a week!
Here's my outfit with coat:

Like VictorianKitty's coat, mine was a very, very expensive coat that I got for a great deal. It's an Oleg Cassini coat, and the normal price on it was $300. For some reason, though, the Alco in my hometown got a massive shipment of them right as the store was closing, and reduced them to $30 to move them out. My mom and I each got one, and we've had them for...7 years now? It's a really lovely coat, wool with plaid trim, and deliciously warm-it keeps me toasty even in the coldest CO weather, like today. I also like that the cut is vaguely Victorian-I got it long before my Goth days, but it's eternally stylish!
And now for the straight-up outfit portion of the post:
Gold-and-pearl necklace-Inherited
Cream-colored empire-waist dress-Arc thrift
Black Doc Marten-alikes (hidden by the dress): Wal-Mart
As you've probably guessed by seeing the dress, I was going for a Jane Austen-inspired look today. Specifically, Northanger Abbey, which I feel is a severely underrated Gothic novel! Catherine Moreland is funny, snarky, and generally awesome, and I love the whole atmosphere of the book. I wanted to try for a Regency-inspired hairstyle to go with the dress, and this is what I came up with:

Apologies for the not-so-great pic, it's rather difficult to take pictures of the back of your own head. :) Considering how different the era looks from the rest of my clothing, I'm rather proud of this outfit:
Also, due to my wide hips, empire-waist dresses tend to make me look vaguely pregnant, so I was very glad to find that this one didn't. At last, I can swish around feeling very like Catherine (or Fanny Price, or Emma, or Elizabeth Bennett) without someone asking when I'm expecting-always a good thing. :D