Monday, October 3, 2011

Skulls and Fishnet and Tripp, Oh My! Or, Skull And Crossbones Week, Day 1

So, as I mentioned previously, I want to try and do a different Goth-y theme for every week in October, and I'm kicking off with that most archetypal of all Gothic symbols, the skull. I actually have surprisingly few skull-and-crossbones or skull-festooned items of clothing in my wardrobe, all things considered, but I do have a lot of skully fabrics at home waiting to be sewn up. I do have enough to make a week, though, so here's the first outfit!
Heart Necklace-Arc
Fishnet shirt-Buffalo Exchange
Skull t-shirt-Buffalo Exchange
Tripp buckle skirt-Buffalo Exchange
Patterned tights-Target
Chunky black sneakers-Goodwill 

Wow, I totally didn't realize until I was writing out my description that pretty much the entire outfit came from Buffalo Exchange. It kind of makes sense, though-the t-shirt is generic (if unusually patterned), but the fishnet shirt is Lip Service and the skirt is Tripp, and the only place I get that kind of stuff is Buffalo Exchange, since finding Goth brand stuff at Goodwill or Arc is about as likely as finding a hen's tooth. I have one Lip Service jumper and one Lip Service skirt from different Arcs, but that's two finds in about five years, so...yeah. This outfit is definitely a lot more punky and a lot less elegant than my typical, but it was still super fun to wear! I really like the anchor/skull pattern on the shirt, too-it's an unusual combination of two fairly common Gothic motifs, and gives it a bit more kick than your usual skull-themed stuff. Can't wait to continue my parade of death's heads tomorrow!


  1. Lovely!

    Also, skull and crossbones are more commonly known as a Jolly Roger. :3

  2. I love that shirt!!! What a cute take on jolly rogers! I really like the anchor/jolly roger.

  3. Love that outfit, that skirt looks gorgeous on you!