Wednesday, October 26, 2011

By the Pricking of my Thumbs...Or Halloween Week, Day 3

I went witchy today, and no, that's not a nice way of saying I acted like a bitch:
Mirror necklace-Local arts faire
Black velvet Lip Service dress-Buffalo Exchange
Combat boots-DAV thrift
Pardon the crappy photoshopping in the bottom left corner, but I didn't realize my trash basket was in the picture until I'd already changed out of the outfit. That said, how fabulous is this dress? I bought it late last spring and never got the opportunity to wear it because it's very warm-but today it was about 28 degrees Farenheit and snowing, so no worries about overheating! And yes, I know we are all supposed to sniff haughtily at crushed velvet panne solids, but for this dress, I feel like it works and doesn't look cheap or tacky like it can, because the cut is so regal and elegany. I got it for $14 from Buffalo Exchange, and considering it's Lip Service it was probably about $150 originally, so I'm rather proud of the bargain! It is definitely fun to wear, and I felt quite witchy indeed-though it was a struggle not to drag my sleeves in the gravy at dinner! This is another fun piece that I might not wear every day, but it was certainly fun (and kept me nice and snuggly warm) for today-I kept threatening to curse people if they made me mad! :) 


  1. This dress is fabulous indeed! I'm in love with those sleeves! Looking brilliant Jamie! :)