Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stripey Socks and Skulls-Skull Week, Day 2

So, my outfit ended up taking a bit of an unexpected twist today; I was originally wearing plain black tights, but they imploded into a mass of strings around the thigh area two hours into my day. Fortunately, I was on 16th Street Mall and could buy some new ones, but given the choice between a $10 pair of plain black tights and a $4 pair of stripey tights, I of course had to go with the stripes. I don't usually mix patterns, but I kinda like this:
Black jersey shrug-Rainbow
Skull-print chiffon dress-Hot Topic
Skull bangle-GoodGoth 
Purple and black stripe tights-TJ Maxx
Victorian-style boots-Ross
 I do love this dress-considering how pricey (relatively-remember, I'm on a college student budget!) most stuff at Hot Topic is, I've almost never bought anything there at full price, but when I saw this I had to have it, regardless of the $60 price tag. It is such a fun, flirty, and versatile dress-after I bought it I worried that such a distinctive piece might not get a lot of wear, but it's surprisingly easy to style into a lot of different outfits. I especially like it with the stripes, which is something I don't think I would have done on purpose for fear of clashing patterns/prints-I'm a wee bit anal retentive and like everything to match, so sometimes I will be a bit hesitant about putting more than one bold pattern into an outfit-but after how this turned out, I might have to try more! How do you all feel about mixing prints?


  1. Oh this is so cute and fun! I love that dress it looks very summer friendly but layered with petticoats and leggings could be a good one for winter! I love to mix patterns, it can look either fantastic or like a train wreck. I think the key is to get the balance between the size of the prints and to pick colours that match or compliment each other. Or clash in an attractive way. You def got it right here! :)

  2. Thanks, PhantomCat! Yeah, the dress is definitely one of my only very goth articles I can actually wear in the summer without melting/boiling. It's quite nice! :)

  3. That dress is definitely worth it! Isn't it awesome when you stumble upon that one unexpectedly gorgeous piece in Hot Topic? I think it really works with the striped tights, too. I'm not a fan of pattern mixing in general, but the stripes are fairly subtle and the colors go so nicely.

    I'm enjoying your collection of fun skull prints. I'd jump in and participate, but I haven't a single skull in my wardrobe or jewelry box! Hoping maybe there will be a Bat Week... *hint hint!* :-D