Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black and Red Week Day 2

Look! Look! I'm actually posting two days in a row, aren't you pleasantly surprised? Continuing the red and black, here's today's outfit:
Black stretchy peasant top: Ross
Red lace handkerchief-hemmed skirt: Arc
Black and silver tights-Forever 21
Black Mary Jane wedges-Repeat Boutique
I saw this skirt when buying part of my Halloween costume at Arc on Saturday and just had to have it, despite my resolution to not buy clothes as much this year. Red lace over black, an asymmetrical fairy hem, and pencil-style without being too fitted? Sign me up! There was some light damage on one side of the skirt (holes in the lace, like it had caught on something) that you can't see in the photo, but I liked it too much to care-and I can always repair later. The skirt I wore yesterday was another casualty of my weakness for lace skirt-my friend found it while we were shopping, and showed it to me, and I couldn't resist the combination of good, non-stretch black lace and just-below-the-knee length. It was so classic and perfect! If I keep it up at this rate, one of these days they're going to find my body covered in a huge heap of lace skirts that fell out of my closet. Ah, well, at least I'll die stylishly. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Pink, Red, and Black, Oh My!

I know you were all waiting in breathless suspense to see my last two outfits from Hot Pink and Black week, and I finally have time to post today, so I can give them to you, along with the first outfit from Red and Black Week! (I have so much red and black I don't think I'll end up replicating anything I wore for Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week...I don't know if that's sad or awesome.) And my camera will hopefully be coming soon, so please bear with my crappy pictures until then!
First hot pink and black outfit:
 Black and hot pink mesh top: Thrifted ages ago, I don't know where
Black d-ring canvas skirt: Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
Wedge Mary Janes: Repeat Boutique

 I didn't get a really good picture of the top while I was wearing it, so here's a better image of it. Even though this top is a bit "mall-goth", I still can't help but love it-there is something about the little mesh sleeves that is irresistibly cheeky to me!
 Here's the second hot pink and black- I was rather pleased with how comfortably cool as well as thoroughly Goth-y looking this outfit came out!
Black jersey dress-Ross
Black and hot pink stripe stockings-Buffalo Exchange
Black zipper Mary Janes-Arc
And here's today!
Black and red Asian-style top-Plato's Closet
Black lace skirt-Goodwill
Black elastic strap Mary Jane heels-Target
Not that I have a marked preference in shoe styles or anything... :) I desperately want the weather to cool down so I can start wearing my corsets again! Being a hardy sort, I can generally wear them through heat in the 80s, but it has been over 90 degrees here for the past two weeks straight, and an extra three layers of fabric and steel boning doesn't exactly help one stay cool! Now that the craziness of the first week back has passed, I should be able to post daily instead of doing glut-posts like this-wish me luck! Until next time, gentle readers, adieu! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Pink and Black, Days 1 and 2

When I'm in town and going to school, I normally do "color weeks"-I pick out which color I'm going to wear, do my nails, and select my outfits accordingly. I do this for a lot of reasons; it lets me be anal-retentive and coordinate my nails to my outfits, it gives me a guideline to work off of when selecting things from my rather massive closet, and I like to think it ties the week together. I want to try and expand myself this year and do themes as well as colors (I already have an idea for some Harry Potter-inspired outfits, and prints would be fun!), but I'm starting out rather un-ambitiously and sticking with color for now. This week, I wanted to do hot pink and black-fun, it pops, and I wanted a little help standing out on the first few days of classes. I had a friend unexpectedly stay over last night, so I didn't blog the outfit, but I have pictures! Just as a note, my pictures will probably be kind of crap for the next week or so, because my camera died and I'm awaiting a new one, and trying to work out a place in my room where I can set up my chunky old Kodak (it can't read a memory card above 2 gig!) and take good pics with the self-timer. But you can still see the outfits, and that's the important part, right? :)
*Pink satin corset-style tank top:Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
*Black satin pleated skirt-Goodwill
*Black Mary Jane heels-Target
And here's Day 2-today:
*Black vest-Buffalo Exchange
*Pink tube top (under vest)-K-Mart
*Black lace skirt-ARC
And a shoe shot of my beloved Demonia sandals, which I wore today. Both these outfits are great examples of my ongoing quest to find a nicer-looking but suitably ventilated Hot Weather Goth look-but even so, without my parasol, I think I might have melted. It came close to 100 degrees today! Check back tomorrow for more hot pink and black outfit photos and a manicure shot-I actually have to touch it up, since my nails get ridiculously chipped ridiculously fast when I'm working! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Phew! (Or, A Brief Note & Apology)

Hi! So, despite my previous reassurances of returning to the blogosphere, life in the form of moving back to college rather got in the way. But never fear-just today, I put the last of my clothes away, hung my posters, and stuck various and sundries into my desk drawers. Starting tomorrow, I will have:
1. Two outfits (involving skirts I made myself!) that I took pictures of but didn't have time to post.
2. Monday through Friday outfit posts, sometimes with weekend pictures depending on what I do.
3. Home decor photos of my dorm room, which I strongly feel is both suitably geeky and suitably gothy
4. Manicure photos, and lots of other interesting thingamajigs!
Don't leave, all 8 people who read this blog-I haven't abandoned it, I swear! I just sorta took a couple of unplanned and unannounced hiatuses. Which will be ended starting upon the morrow. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Colors for a New Post

Goodness, but have been a terribly negligent blogger lately! I do apologize for my absence from the cyber-world, but I have been re-packing trying to get ready to go back to college and I have honestly been dressing to combat the heat more than to look awesome, so the combination has led to no blog posts. I'm back, though-I've done a lot of sewing that I just have to post about, and I'm starting to develop a better sense of hot-weather Gothiness. Today, I was just going to meeting, so I knew I'd be inside in the cool, so I dared to wear a corset. Love my corsets, but in hot weather the three layers of fabric can really make for a Sweaty McGee me-I wanted to wear one badly enough today to risk it, though!
Forset green lace dress: Goodwill
Cream silk underbust corset: Punk69
Mary janes: Goodwill
You'll be seeing a lot more of these dresses as I go back to school and have outfits everyday-they are one of my favorite things to wear. Throw one of the five of them on with one of my multiple corsets, and I have an instant, elegant, easy outfit. I think this corset was a little nicer to wear than some of my others might have been because it is silk rather than poly or PVC, so it breathes a lot better. I wasn't sure about the ivory/cream and forest green color combination initially, but I actually think it's a really good coordinate. As much as I love my blacks, I want to try and branch out from my black/everything color combinations this year and try some other, more unusual ones-ivory and dark red, goldenrod and navy blue, aubergine and gray all being colors I have in my wardrobe but haven't really worn together because I usually wear them individually with black. Do any of you have favorite non-black but still goth-y color combinations that you like?