Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Attack of the Spider-Lady-or Spiders Week, Day 2!

More spiders, yay! Let's get right to the arachnids, because it's more fun that way.
Bat necklace-Twin Dragon Asian Gifts
Black spiderweb dress-Made by me
Black and red obmbre fishnets-Claire's
Black pointy boots-Target
If this dress looks a little more costume-y than usual...well, that's because it is. It was actually a Halloween costume from 8th grade, when I went as a dead fairy. Funnily enough, no one really commented on it all day-I wonder what that says about my regular dressing habits that I can wear a jagged-edged pixie-skirted dress with shiny red spiderwebs on it, and no one so much as blinks twice.  It's a fun dress, though, and I enjoyed wearing it-it's actually super-comfortable, and I'm definitely thinking about bringing the pattern out again for some more everyday-styled dresses. I was a little worried that the pattern on the tights might kind of clash with the pattern on the dress, but I think they ended up playing rather well together. I think I'm getting more daring about mixing my patterns! Do any of you have "costume" pieces you've re-used in unusual or fun ways?


  1. To me those patterns don't clash at all, you look great! It's surprising how well can patterns get along sometimes. :) I love those fishnets!

  2. Thank you! Aren't they fun? I especially love them because I bought them on super-clearance of the kind they frequently have at Claire's, so I think I only paid about $2 or $3 for them. Bargains are the best!

  3. That dress does look comfy, but in an "I still care about my appearance" kind of way! :) I think it's a good thing when you've reached the point where people don't make a big deal about what you wear. It's a nice feeling, isn't it?

  4. I love this look, everything works very nicely together and the cut of that dress is so lovely! I tend not to really use Halloween costumes, I just use stuff in my wardrobe. When I was younger though (around 8) I had a bat costume. I wore the wings during the months after Halloween and would pretend to fly around the kitchen and would try to catch gnats to eat! I really wanted to be a bat!!

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    Thank you SO much,Rebecca. x