Monday, October 17, 2011

Spooktober Treat: A Triple Outfit Post for Day 1 of Spooky Symbols Week

Sorry for the absence the last few days-life sorta snuck up on me, along with midterms, and I didn't have time to blog. But I'm making up for it today with a three-for-one-isn't that exciting? Here's the first outfit of the day, third outfit of last week:
Black t-shirt-Ross
Gold spider skirt-Sewn by me
Mary Janes-Shoe Carnival
I love this skirt-the fabric was post-Halloween clearance from JoAnn, and the pattern was so simple to make-from layout to final touches, the whole thing probably took me 3 hours to sew, and that was with having to reset the zipper twice because I suck at zippers!
Here's the last Spider Week outfit, when I did spiders subtle...ish, at least for me!
Plum camisole-Arc
Black jersey dress-Ross
Lilac corset-Canal Boat Trading
Spiderweb Tights-Target
Here's a close-up of the tights-sadly, they are falling apart and Target doesn't have them any more! Tear! If anyone knows where I can get another pair of cool spiderweb tights, leave me a store name in the comments, and you will earn my eternal gratitude. 
And here's why my roommate/best friend Kira is the awesomest in the world-she got me this amazing spider hair clip as a birthday present and was so excited she gave it to me early! And I was glad she did, because it was so perfect for the spider outfits week! Isn't it pretty and fun?

This week, I'm doing assorted Goth-y symbol-I have two cats, a bat, and vampire fangs, so stay tuned to see how those are all employed. This is the first cat print thing I have:
Black pinstripe blazer-Plato's Closet
Purple cami-Random store in New York
Black and purple cat print skirt-Made by me
Black tights-God only knows
Black Mary Janes-Arc
Here's a closeup of the fabric-isn't it fabulous? This pattern was definitely a lot more involved/complicated than the one for the spider skirt, but oh-so worth it-I love how swishy and fun this skirt is! I really want to make one in plain black chiffon and one in black lace now-it's pretty and dressy without being elaborate or fussy, and definitely worth the extra effort it takes to make! Do any of you who sew have a bit-more-complex pattern that you just can't resist using?  


  1. I have those spiderweb tights too, I haven't seen ones like them anywhere else again but maybe one of the Halloween stores that pop up this time of year..?
    LOVE the cat fabric!! Your skirt is awesome ^_^

  2. You have probably the most unique outfits.. I love checking out your blog. That spider skirt is so neat.. it actually looks like you have giant spiders crawling all over you.. And I just love the purple skirt. That cat print fabric is fantastic!!

  3. You should totally check Target again! Mine still has them. I saw them yesterday for like 5-6 bucks?! :3 I really wanted to see how they actually look before buying them because I was contemplating about it(but I bought fishnets instead). That's how I found your blog. ^^ I love your purple cat print skirt. amazing :>