Thursday, October 6, 2011

Skull Week Days 3 and 4: Teeny Weeny Skulls and Skeletons and Musical Instruments

Hi! Sorry for missing yesterday, but never fear-I have outfit pics, so you get to see me work skulls subtly and...not-so-subtly, all in one post! Aren't you all so lucky? :) Here's yesterday's outfit, my own personal Goth-y version of the requisite college student t-shirt/sweatpants outfit-just as comfy, nowhere near as boring-looking!
Black lace overblouse-Goodwill
Skull-print cami-Plato's Closet
 Ruffled black calf-length skirt-Arc
Black kneesocks-Target
Black heeled Mary Janes-Hot Topic
  It's really hard to tell from a distance, but this print is  super-adorable. Here's a close-up: 
I think this is skulls and Goth-y prints at their subtlest; just a tiny hint of the macabre and unusual, offered only to those who get close enough to look. And though I usually love my outlandish, eyeball-grabbing style, sometimes it's nice to be just a little mysterious. I didn't continue the subtlety today, though, that's for sure!
Pearl choker-Inherited
Green skeleton-print dress-Made by me
Black taffeta underbust corset-Punk69
Black tights-Wal-Mart
  Black chunky sneakers-Arc 
The picture really doesn't do justice to the awesomeness of this fabric. I made this dress for a Halloween costume 2 years ago (June Cleaver by Tim Burton, if you're curious), and haven't worn it much since, just because it was one of my first sewing projects and thus has no darts, buttons, or zipper, giving it all the attractive shape of a feed sack. That's easily remedied with a corset, though, so now I have no excuse not to wear it! The fabric has skeletons. Playing musical instruments. It makes me so happy! Here, have a close-up so you can be happy too!
 They even gave them little hats! And you can't read the drum, but it says "Rolling Bones." Isn't it too fabulous for words? I also love the lime green-one of my friends walked into class this morning, stopped, and said "Whoa. You're actually wearing a lot of color. I'm surprised!" It was too funny, and very true. Tune in tomorrow for the last day of skulls and such, which will be...highly accessorial, to say the least! Aren't you excited? I know I am!

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