Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cream of the Crop

Ok, ok-I promise, I'll stop doing color pun names soon, and put something cool like song lyrics or something instead. I didn't have anything spectacular to do today (other than getting $50 worth of clothes at Goodwill for $25 on their "Everything's half off" Memorial Day sale-score!), so today's outfit was simple and tasteful-something I just kind of threw on. Here it is:

Cream colored knit dress-Goodwill

Pinstriped buckle corset-Punk69

Mid-heeled Mary Janes-Target

This dress has pockets-yay! One of my 18 gazillion potential projects for this summer is putting pockets on all of my skirts where the design allows it-one of my pet peeves is that a lot of ready-to-wear skirts don't have pockets. Just 'cause I like to feel girly and twirly doesn't mean I don't have stuff to carry around!

Mid-heeled Mary Janes=love for me. I adore these shoes-I have them in red too, and they are so awesome. I think they're very similar to the dress-simple, classy, and easy to pair with a lot of stuff! Sweater dresses are awesome, and this one is really nice because it's so comfortable. I debated for a while on if it was goth-y enough for me, but then my mind went off imagining all the corsets I could pair with it, and I had to buy it. Plus-POCKETS! I need places to stash my cell, my MP3 player, and random oddments like tape measures and scissors. Granted, these are kind of tiny-but it doesn't really matter, since I am the master of the long-lost and sacred art of Pocket-Fu, which gives me the ability to fit a lot of stuff into a deceptively small storage space. Other notable practitioners of this art include the Doctor from Dr. Who, Hermione Granger, and Mary Poppins. Except I manage to do it without magic or Time Lord powers, so I ultimately win.*

*I am not actually saying I think I am more awesome than any of these characters-I'm sure any of them could out-awesome me with the awesome in their pinky fingers. This is a joke made for...joke-ish purposes. Please don't beat me up, enraged fanboys and/or girls!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black and Blue

I had a fabulous lunch today with a dear friend of the family who is an amazing, remarkable older woman, so I wanted to dress up a little more-and dress a bit more conservatively than I typically do, but still with my own distinct sartorial flair. Here are the results:

Black jersey dress-Ross

Blue camisole-Ross

Black jacquard buckle corset-The Crypt


Black platform sandals-Demonia via Goodwill

Here's a close-up of the cami and corset, and the ruffles on the dress bodice-I love this shade of blue. Apologies that this looks rather like something certain girls take in exchange for items off an Amazon wish-list, but I couldn't get one that showed the detail of the outfit without looking like that, so...

Shoe shot! These sandals are Demonia, and I got them for $6 (!!!) at Goodwill. It was perfect, because the strap on the black sandals I wore Wednesday broke, and I went there in quest of a new pair-and lo and behold-Demonia sandals in great conditions, for super cheap! I love love love platform shoes (as regular readers might have noticed by now)- I like heels, but they often make my feet hurt awfully, whereas I could walk a mile in these, my chunky boots, or my heavy-soled Goth shoes and not have any problems. You get all of the height/elegance advantages, none of the extreme foot agony.

I love this dress, by the way-you'll probably see it a lot in coming posts, because I wear it all. The. Time. Seriously, it's like the ideal garment for me-it's jersey, so it doesn't wrinkle (or stain, a good consideration when you're as klutzy as I am), and it's super comfy. The ruffles on the bodice are a cute touch that dress up an otherwise simply cut garment. It's actually empire waist, which isn't usually the best cut on me (wide hips + empire waist=maternity chic on me), but this one actually skims all the right places. It's great for wearing with corsets, and I think I've worn it at least once with all of mine. I got another one that's very similar-knee-length, ruffled bodice, black jersey-because I was afraid of wearing this one out, and I wanted one to alternate with. Despite the vastness of my closet, these two dresses get worn constantly-because they are just so awesome. Do any of you have go-to garments that see a lot of use, despite all the other garments you have?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black and Grey for A Stormy Day

It's not really stormy here, but "vaguely cloudy and windy" just doesn't have the same punch. I was in an elegant and subdued-ish mood this morning, so that's how I dressed. I definitely didn't feel as peppy today as I do when I wear something more fun, but hey, ya have to act like a grown-up sometimes, right? (The answer to that question is actually no. But that doesn't stop me from doing it once in a while-at least clothing-wise!)
Black peasant top: Goodwill
Grey skirt with black lace trim: ARC
Black kneesocks-Target
Mary-jane flats: Shoe Carnival
Pearl necklace-God only knows, and He isn't telling

Here's a close-up of the skirt and top, for more detail on the lovely lace-work on both. I love grey- it's such an elegant and timeless color, not dull or boring at all as some people describe it.

I love these shoes. They're not exciting, but they're comfy and cute. Unfortunately, they're also nearly worn out-you can actually see the insides of the soles. I've been contemplating these:

But I don't really want to pay shipping-the one thing I don't like about GoodGoth is that their shipping rates are pretty high. I'm keeping an eye out on the various Goth sites this weekend for Memorial Day sales to see if I can snag them (or a similar pair) for pretty cheap. Flat, comfy goth-ish Mary Janes are the holy grail of shoes for me-cute without being cutesy, casual and comfortable while still being dressy, and just all around awesome. What sneakers or tennis shoes are to most people, Mary Jane flats are to me-it's no wonder these have worn through, I've worn them at least three times a week since I came up here in September, and I do a lot of walking when I'm in the city. Do any of you have a certain type of shoe you just love and can't live without?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Green with Envy

Today I had more fittings at East, but I was feeling a little like it was a "dress-up" kind of day, so I pulled out one of my favorite corsets to wear. The nice thing about this corset is it's so gorgeous, I don't really need to put much into the rest of the outfit-the corset really speaks for itself.

Black peasant-ish blouse-Wal-Mart

Green peacock print corset-Punk69

Black silky knee-length skirt-Goodwill


The top is actually a pajama top from Wal-Mart clearance, but it's simple and comfortable, so I wear it with corsets and vests a lot.

Here's a close-up of the print on the corset-it's a gorgeous, richly embroidered brocade. I actually like it so much I got another one in cream and black from the same company. Green and black is one of my favorite color combos-it looks as crisp and pops as much as red and black, but is used a little less frequently. And green, all shades, is one of my favorite colors. Ok, to be perfectly honest, there aren't many colors I don't love, (puce, chartreuse, and beige?) but green is high on my list of favorites. The lovely Erin McKean, who blogs at Dress A Day, once said "Despite my own penchant for bright grass green, which I would venture to guess is the Anti-Goth color (brimming as it is with life and vulgar cheerfulness), I have a not-so-secret fondness and admiration for the Full-On Goth." Erin, you're fabulous, but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree-Green can totally be a Goth color. It is, after all, the shade of absinthe and some supernatural spirits and ghosts! Do any of you have a favorite color that isn't generally considered "goth-y" that you like to work into your Goth ensembles?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perky, Punky and Pinky

Yay! PINK! Pink makes me very happy, (I definitely fall on the Perkygoth side of the spectrum, if you haven't figured it out yet), so when I saw this skirt at Buffalo Exchange, I simply had to have it. It was $16, which is a little on the high end for a single clothing item (excepting corsets) for me, but it's also Tripp, which meant it was probably 4 times that much originally, so I snapped it up. Here's the outfit:

Pink cami (underneath layer): Forever 21
Black tank: Ross
Black-Black Stripe Buckle Corset: The Crypt
Hot Pink/Black Tutu Skirt: Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: DAV

Look at how full it is! It positively begs to be twirled in. Which I do. Quite frequently. Without shame.

Aren't these tights too adorable? I love the heart pattern on them.
I'm actually very pleased with this outfit-I got a lot of compliments from random people when out shopping. I think it was the tutu skirt. I really like this skirt-I'm super tempted to pick up several kajillion yards of varicolored nylon net next time I go shopping and make several of them-I think it would be pretty simple, they're just gathered layers attached to a waistband. Have any of you ever spent a little more on an item because you thought you might be able to use it as a pattern for other things?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fangs For the Memories

Pardon the awful pun. I'm genetically incapable of resisting them. Anyway, today I went a bit stereotypical mallgoth on you all, but I think it came out pretty cute. I went thrifting yesterday, and ended up stopping by The Crypt, an awesome sex shop on Broadway, where they just so happened to have their accessories on sale, including socks-and I am also genetically incapable of passing up cute, funky socks when they're on sale. And then, of course, I have to build an outfit around the cute, funky socks.

Ruby Gloom T-Goodwill
Black pleated satiny skirt-Goodwill
Vampire Fang Socks-The Crypt
Chunky black shoes-Repeat Boutique

Detail of the t. I don't normally buy or wear t-shirts, hence I don't usually look at the t-shirt section in Goodwill-but this one was in with the blouses, so I took it as a sign I was supposed to find it and buy it. How adorable is it?

THEY HAVE VAMPIRE FANGS ON THEM!!!!! These socks make me unreasonably happy. I love them. Life is simply too short to not wear fabulous socks-they are totally my Kryptonite. If an evil dictator kidnapped me and wanted me to make a sympathetic propaganda film justifying his heinous crimes, the conversation would go like this:
Evil Dictator: I'll torture you!
Jamie: Never!
Evil Dictator: I'll make you eat unpleasant things!
Jamie: Not in a million years!
Evil Dictator: I'll give you a lifetime supply of stripey and novelty socks!
Jamie:...Where do I sign?
I would also accept a lifetime supply of corsets. Shh. Don't tell any evil dictators. Do any of you have clothing items that you are simply helpless to resist?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wine and Weather

Hey, it's never too early to start with vague, quasi-pretentious post titles, is it? Sorry to disappoint, but it's actually just the color I'm wearing, and the fact that the weather has been ooky today. I promised something more exciting yesterday, didn't I? Well, I hope this delivers. It's still not the exact outfit I was planning on-I have a really gorgeous short-sleeve blouse that coordinates to the skirt exactly, and I wanted to wear the skirt with kneesocks and my flat Mary Janes-but it's been unseasonably cool and rainy here, and I need to run some errands today, so I made some last-minute substitutes.

Long sleeved lace/corduroy blouse: Goodwill

Short cabernet and black plaid skirt-ARC

Leggings-Forever 21

Combat boots-DAV

Here's a closer shot of the outfit, with more detail.

Here's the blouse in even more detail, because it's gorgeous, and I love the combination of lace and corduroy.

SHOOOOEEES! I love these boots, they make me so happy-they have a two inch sole, so they make me feel taller, but they're actually super-comfy, and very practical-something that can not often be said about Goth shoes!

And finally, makeup-I don't usually do much, because I'm lazy and because my attempts at eye makeup tend to end up with me looking like I just went ten rounds with Sonny Liston, but I coordinated my lipstick to my blouse, so I'm rather proud of myself.

I'm trying to make up for the quality of my photos with more quantity-I promise, they'll get better once I get my hands on a tripod and don't have to set the camera on the bathroom counter to use the self-timer. So, I guess this color could also be called maroon, but wine is just so much classier, isn't it? Maroon is just one of those silly words-it sounds like baboon, and it was also one of the school colors at the high school I detested, so wine this lovely color is. Keep a look-out for more of it, I want to add more into my wardrobe! (I can hear my mom cringing at the thought of me buying more clothes-sorry, ma!) Do any of you have a favorite color that you re-named because you didn't like what it was called for whatever reason?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Working Clothes

So, this one is admittedly a little anti-climactic for a first post, but I had to work fitting students at East High School today for a play we're doing on June 1st, so I needed something comfortable and practical, that I could move in easily. With that said, et voila-and I promise something better tomorrow!

Apologies for the bad pic-my camera is kind of crap, and I had to use the self-timer to take it, but you get the general idea. Not a stunning or spectacular outfit, but easy to wear and good for work.

Black tank top with skull print-Ross

Black ruffled rayon skirt-Thrifted

Black low-heeled maryjane shoes (Not really visible, so here's a detail pic)-Target

Here's a detail of the print on the tank, which is really quite cool-sort of squished-up skulls and butterflies:

The skirt is actually one of my favorite pieces-it's formal enough to feel elegant, but casual enough to work really well for everyday wear. It has some really cool details that aren't visible in the photo-the top has all-around stitched pleating that gives it a nice fullness, and the ruffle at the bottom is topped off with a grosgrain ribbon. Plus, it's fantabulously swishy-what more could a girl ask for? Ok, maybe pockets-but that's about it!

Do any of you try to incorporate Goth into your outfits, no matter how casual and practical you're trying to be?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome To My World

Greetings, great and powerful denizens of the Interwebz! I'm Jamie, yet another hopeful style-blogger in a cast of thousands. My blog is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: the life, stylings, and ramblings of me, your resident geeky goth girl. (Or would that be gothy geek girl?) Since this is a first post, I figure I should give you some of the basics about myself. I'm a 19-year-old college student, studying film and television at the University of Colorado Denver-I just finished my freshman year, and I loved it-and am already looking forward to next year. I've been a geek since I was a wee small child; where most people's first memories of TV are Barney and Sesame Street, mine are Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. If it's science fiction or fantasy, I've probably seen it or read it, and love it or hate it, I have an opinion about it. I love comics as well, and will happily enthuse about Batman or the Birds of Prey until your ears fall off. Some of my passions are less stereotypically geeky; I love to read romance novels, I have a perfect passion for history, and I'm a total Anglophile. I'll leave it at that to start, because otherwise this post will become excessively rambly (well, even more excessively rambly than it is now), and I want to move on to other things, like the Goth part of the Geeky Goth Girl equation.

The "goth" bit is, admittedly, a lot more recent development. I've always dressed in an offbeat and somewhat kooky manner; I was probably the only fourth-grader in history to come to school in a black velvet catsuit with a red scarf tied around my waist, and I doubt many other 12-year-olds would wear leopard print pajama pants, an old leopard print maternity top of their mom's, and a leopard print hair bow to school. (Note that I said offbeat and kooky, not tasteful and restrained!) In middle school, and my first two years of high school, I succumbed to that most unfortunate and insidious of teenaged diseases, peer pressure, and toned down my exuberant outfits to wearing a pretty blouse with a pair of (shudder) jeans, or a t-shirt with a plain-ish skirt. I never felt entirely comfortable in those outfits, but I kept doing it because not being mocked was important to me. Due to a number of circumstances, I ended up going to school online for my last two years of high school, and it was during this time that I began to really explore and develop my own sense of style. I found that I loved fishnet, lace, velvet, and other gorgeous and elegant fabrics; that black became increasingly a part of my wardrobe; and that corsets, lacings, skirts and Victorian or '50s-retro styled things made me very happy. Add in my love of Tim Burton movies and my fascination with the darker side of life, my adoration of ghosts and vampires in fiction, and a general sense of empathy with the misfits and oddballs of live, and Goth seemed quite the natural fit of a label for me. This year, I've fully gone into Goth mode in my outfits-black nail polish, stripy socks, and corsets all becoming everyday parts of my wardrobe. (Benefits of having a job: being able to buy more expensive pieces like corsets without feeling bad about putting the cost off on my parents!) I've gotten enough comments (mostly positive, thank God) and compliments on my outfits just from my (mostly normal) friends and classmates that I thought I might try my hand at style-blogging, and share my look with the blogosphere, as such talented and gorgeous, gorgeously dressed women as Amy of Ultimate Goth Guide, Trystan of CorpGoth, and VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir have done before me.

So what are my goals with this blog? I hope to do an outfit post every day that I have an outfit worth posting (that's everyday for the next week and a half , as long as I'm in Denver, and probably 2-3 times a week in the summer, when I'm at home more often). I love to sew and DIY, but haven't been able to do as much this year because there wasn't any room in my dorm room for my machine; I hope to remedy that this summer, adding more pieces that I've made or modified to my wardrobe. Hence, I hope to do a DIY or sewing-related post about 2-3 times a week as well. I'd like to do at least one geeky piece-book, movie or television review, look at Goths in the media, or general discussion of geek culture-per week. I hope to make this an interesting and engaging blog, with a lot of variety and appeal to Goths, Geeks, and anyone else with a passing interest in either subculture. Wish me luck!