Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess, or Halloween Week Day 2

Hello, my dearest darlingest readers! Today, I made an endeavor to put my regular clothes together in a pseudo-costume, just to have a little fun pre-Halloween. Not that I don't sometimes skirt the edges of costume in my everyday clothing anyway, but this time it's deliberate. :) So, today I wanted to be a princess-because outside of the forced marriages, the constant maintenance of a perfect public facade, and the endless state dinners with endlessly boring people, what's not to love? I kid, I kid-mostly. The two teenage daughters of the Prime Minister of Spain, who are pseudo-princesses, are both rad and Goth-y, and Duchess Middleton seems quite a lovely lady. And we all know how bad-ass Elizabeth I was! I, of course, wanted to be an elegant, sweeping-skirted, pseudo Gothy princess-if they made a Disney princess of me, I would sing Emilie Autumn-esque songs and bats, rats, and black cats would come out to help me make my fabulous corsetted ballgown.
Silver chain necklace-Inherited
Black lace blouse-DA thrift
Black tank-Goodwill
Silver and black underbust corset-Punk69
Silver silk dupioni skirt-Arc
Black heeled boots-Ross
Here's a closeup of the lovely silver pin-I didn't realize until I was looking at the pictures that it and my corset were off-center to each other, but oh well!
So that's my first "costume"-Goth princess! I did get a couple more compliments than usual, and even some people who know me well (and thus know how "formally" I dress every day relative to most people my age) asked me what I was all dressed up for. I took great pleasure in telling them I was dressed up to celebrate the fantasticness of life! The ankle length light-colored silk formal skirt was a little tricky to work around, even for me, so I would only dress like this every day if I actually was a princess who lived in a palace with no dirty floors or staircases, and had servants who could give me large napkins to prevent food stains and follow me around with a steamer to get the wrinkles out. But it sure is fun for once-in-a-while! (BTW, the skirt is one of my favorite thrift finds-real silk and I got it for $2.50 on a 1/2 off Saturday sale at Arc!) If you were a princess, what wildly impractical item of clothing would you wear on an everyday basis?

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  1. You look fantastic, I love this outfit! I also love your response to the friend that asked why you were dressed up! It's amazing how perplexed some people can be when you inform them that you have no reason to be dressed up, you just felt like it. I think I would wear corsets or full length skirts if I were a princess.