Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feelin' Batty, or Gothy Symbols Week Day 3

Full disclosure: I love bats-vampires, Batman, Stellaluna- there are so many great associations! Plus, flying rodents or not, they are soooo cute, and make for great Goth-y prints. I actually have a half-sewn bat-print fabric skirt somewhere at home, but seeing as I don't have it with me, I decided to improvise with a quite cool bat article I found purely by chance:
Black lace blouse-Goodwill
Gargoyle necklace-Repeat Boutique 
Black cami (under blouse)-Wal-Mart
Bat print cummerbund-Buffalo Exchange
Tiered chiffon skirt-Savers
Buckled boots-Ross
It's a cummerbund! Isn't that just too, too much fun?  I love the idea of incorporating fun, unusual pieces like that into my wardrobe-it makes for a great pop of color, and it's definitely adding a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary (well, ordinary to me) outfit. I'm debating between my other "bat" piece or vampire fangs for tomorrow, so you'll just have to look and see what I choose-either way, it'll be awesome.  


  1. I love bats, they are interesting creatures. At the local zoo, where they have couple of vampire bats, I'm usually found stuck with my nose to the glass waiting for one of them to move as my family carries on with the rest of the zoo trip.. Awesome outfit! I love the skirt and your bat cummerbund. :)

  2. Another pretty outfit :) I like the cummerbund idea, good thinking! And perfect with the purple and the bats ^_^