Friday, May 27, 2011

Green with Envy

Today I had more fittings at East, but I was feeling a little like it was a "dress-up" kind of day, so I pulled out one of my favorite corsets to wear. The nice thing about this corset is it's so gorgeous, I don't really need to put much into the rest of the outfit-the corset really speaks for itself.

Black peasant-ish blouse-Wal-Mart

Green peacock print corset-Punk69

Black silky knee-length skirt-Goodwill


The top is actually a pajama top from Wal-Mart clearance, but it's simple and comfortable, so I wear it with corsets and vests a lot.

Here's a close-up of the print on the corset-it's a gorgeous, richly embroidered brocade. I actually like it so much I got another one in cream and black from the same company. Green and black is one of my favorite color combos-it looks as crisp and pops as much as red and black, but is used a little less frequently. And green, all shades, is one of my favorite colors. Ok, to be perfectly honest, there aren't many colors I don't love, (puce, chartreuse, and beige?) but green is high on my list of favorites. The lovely Erin McKean, who blogs at Dress A Day, once said "Despite my own penchant for bright grass green, which I would venture to guess is the Anti-Goth color (brimming as it is with life and vulgar cheerfulness), I have a not-so-secret fondness and admiration for the Full-On Goth." Erin, you're fabulous, but I'm going to have to respectfully disagree-Green can totally be a Goth color. It is, after all, the shade of absinthe and some supernatural spirits and ghosts! Do any of you have a favorite color that isn't generally considered "goth-y" that you like to work into your Goth ensembles?

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