Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black and Grey for A Stormy Day

It's not really stormy here, but "vaguely cloudy and windy" just doesn't have the same punch. I was in an elegant and subdued-ish mood this morning, so that's how I dressed. I definitely didn't feel as peppy today as I do when I wear something more fun, but hey, ya have to act like a grown-up sometimes, right? (The answer to that question is actually no. But that doesn't stop me from doing it once in a while-at least clothing-wise!)
Black peasant top: Goodwill
Grey skirt with black lace trim: ARC
Black kneesocks-Target
Mary-jane flats: Shoe Carnival
Pearl necklace-God only knows, and He isn't telling

Here's a close-up of the skirt and top, for more detail on the lovely lace-work on both. I love grey- it's such an elegant and timeless color, not dull or boring at all as some people describe it.

I love these shoes. They're not exciting, but they're comfy and cute. Unfortunately, they're also nearly worn out-you can actually see the insides of the soles. I've been contemplating these:

But I don't really want to pay shipping-the one thing I don't like about GoodGoth is that their shipping rates are pretty high. I'm keeping an eye out on the various Goth sites this weekend for Memorial Day sales to see if I can snag them (or a similar pair) for pretty cheap. Flat, comfy goth-ish Mary Janes are the holy grail of shoes for me-cute without being cutesy, casual and comfortable while still being dressy, and just all around awesome. What sneakers or tennis shoes are to most people, Mary Jane flats are to me-it's no wonder these have worn through, I've worn them at least three times a week since I came up here in September, and I do a lot of walking when I'm in the city. Do any of you have a certain type of shoe you just love and can't live without?


  1. This outfit is just perfect. Love the top and the skirt! I hope you are able to find those shoes for a good deal - they are adorable!!

    I can't live without 5" heels with 2" platforms. I wear them almost everywhere, even if I'll be walking all day (except when totally impractical, like in the rain or for yard work). ;-D

  2. Aww, thanks. *blushes* Yeah, I'm keeping an eyeball peeled-there's a local Goth store here that I might visit tomorrow to look for good Memorial Day sales. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wish I could do 5" heels-I've got the grace of a drunken elephant on rollerskates, though, so the best I can do is 4" with 2" platforms. Stupid Hot Topic, putting adorable yet uncomfortable shoes on drastic clearance sales (Iron Fist for $16!) where I am unable to resist them, and then spend long hours cursing the people who made these shoes.