Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wine and Weather

Hey, it's never too early to start with vague, quasi-pretentious post titles, is it? Sorry to disappoint, but it's actually just the color I'm wearing, and the fact that the weather has been ooky today. I promised something more exciting yesterday, didn't I? Well, I hope this delivers. It's still not the exact outfit I was planning on-I have a really gorgeous short-sleeve blouse that coordinates to the skirt exactly, and I wanted to wear the skirt with kneesocks and my flat Mary Janes-but it's been unseasonably cool and rainy here, and I need to run some errands today, so I made some last-minute substitutes.

Long sleeved lace/corduroy blouse: Goodwill

Short cabernet and black plaid skirt-ARC

Leggings-Forever 21

Combat boots-DAV

Here's a closer shot of the outfit, with more detail.

Here's the blouse in even more detail, because it's gorgeous, and I love the combination of lace and corduroy.

SHOOOOEEES! I love these boots, they make me so happy-they have a two inch sole, so they make me feel taller, but they're actually super-comfy, and very practical-something that can not often be said about Goth shoes!

And finally, makeup-I don't usually do much, because I'm lazy and because my attempts at eye makeup tend to end up with me looking like I just went ten rounds with Sonny Liston, but I coordinated my lipstick to my blouse, so I'm rather proud of myself.

I'm trying to make up for the quality of my photos with more quantity-I promise, they'll get better once I get my hands on a tripod and don't have to set the camera on the bathroom counter to use the self-timer. So, I guess this color could also be called maroon, but wine is just so much classier, isn't it? Maroon is just one of those silly words-it sounds like baboon, and it was also one of the school colors at the high school I detested, so wine this lovely color is. Keep a look-out for more of it, I want to add more into my wardrobe! (I can hear my mom cringing at the thought of me buying more clothes-sorry, ma!) Do any of you have a favorite color that you re-named because you didn't like what it was called for whatever reason?

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