Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fangs For the Memories

Pardon the awful pun. I'm genetically incapable of resisting them. Anyway, today I went a bit stereotypical mallgoth on you all, but I think it came out pretty cute. I went thrifting yesterday, and ended up stopping by The Crypt, an awesome sex shop on Broadway, where they just so happened to have their accessories on sale, including socks-and I am also genetically incapable of passing up cute, funky socks when they're on sale. And then, of course, I have to build an outfit around the cute, funky socks.

Ruby Gloom T-Goodwill
Black pleated satiny skirt-Goodwill
Vampire Fang Socks-The Crypt
Chunky black shoes-Repeat Boutique

Detail of the t. I don't normally buy or wear t-shirts, hence I don't usually look at the t-shirt section in Goodwill-but this one was in with the blouses, so I took it as a sign I was supposed to find it and buy it. How adorable is it?

THEY HAVE VAMPIRE FANGS ON THEM!!!!! These socks make me unreasonably happy. I love them. Life is simply too short to not wear fabulous socks-they are totally my Kryptonite. If an evil dictator kidnapped me and wanted me to make a sympathetic propaganda film justifying his heinous crimes, the conversation would go like this:
Evil Dictator: I'll torture you!
Jamie: Never!
Evil Dictator: I'll make you eat unpleasant things!
Jamie: Not in a million years!
Evil Dictator: I'll give you a lifetime supply of stripey and novelty socks!
Jamie:...Where do I sign?
I would also accept a lifetime supply of corsets. Shh. Don't tell any evil dictators. Do any of you have clothing items that you are simply helpless to resist?

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