Sunday, May 29, 2011

Black and Blue

I had a fabulous lunch today with a dear friend of the family who is an amazing, remarkable older woman, so I wanted to dress up a little more-and dress a bit more conservatively than I typically do, but still with my own distinct sartorial flair. Here are the results:

Black jersey dress-Ross

Blue camisole-Ross

Black jacquard buckle corset-The Crypt


Black platform sandals-Demonia via Goodwill

Here's a close-up of the cami and corset, and the ruffles on the dress bodice-I love this shade of blue. Apologies that this looks rather like something certain girls take in exchange for items off an Amazon wish-list, but I couldn't get one that showed the detail of the outfit without looking like that, so...

Shoe shot! These sandals are Demonia, and I got them for $6 (!!!) at Goodwill. It was perfect, because the strap on the black sandals I wore Wednesday broke, and I went there in quest of a new pair-and lo and behold-Demonia sandals in great conditions, for super cheap! I love love love platform shoes (as regular readers might have noticed by now)- I like heels, but they often make my feet hurt awfully, whereas I could walk a mile in these, my chunky boots, or my heavy-soled Goth shoes and not have any problems. You get all of the height/elegance advantages, none of the extreme foot agony.

I love this dress, by the way-you'll probably see it a lot in coming posts, because I wear it all. The. Time. Seriously, it's like the ideal garment for me-it's jersey, so it doesn't wrinkle (or stain, a good consideration when you're as klutzy as I am), and it's super comfy. The ruffles on the bodice are a cute touch that dress up an otherwise simply cut garment. It's actually empire waist, which isn't usually the best cut on me (wide hips + empire waist=maternity chic on me), but this one actually skims all the right places. It's great for wearing with corsets, and I think I've worn it at least once with all of mine. I got another one that's very similar-knee-length, ruffled bodice, black jersey-because I was afraid of wearing this one out, and I wanted one to alternate with. Despite the vastness of my closet, these two dresses get worn constantly-because they are just so awesome. Do any of you have go-to garments that see a lot of use, despite all the other garments you have?

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