Monday, May 23, 2011

Working Clothes

So, this one is admittedly a little anti-climactic for a first post, but I had to work fitting students at East High School today for a play we're doing on June 1st, so I needed something comfortable and practical, that I could move in easily. With that said, et voila-and I promise something better tomorrow!

Apologies for the bad pic-my camera is kind of crap, and I had to use the self-timer to take it, but you get the general idea. Not a stunning or spectacular outfit, but easy to wear and good for work.

Black tank top with skull print-Ross

Black ruffled rayon skirt-Thrifted

Black low-heeled maryjane shoes (Not really visible, so here's a detail pic)-Target

Here's a detail of the print on the tank, which is really quite cool-sort of squished-up skulls and butterflies:

The skirt is actually one of my favorite pieces-it's formal enough to feel elegant, but casual enough to work really well for everyday wear. It has some really cool details that aren't visible in the photo-the top has all-around stitched pleating that gives it a nice fullness, and the ruffle at the bottom is topped off with a grosgrain ribbon. Plus, it's fantabulously swishy-what more could a girl ask for? Ok, maybe pockets-but that's about it!

Do any of you try to incorporate Goth into your outfits, no matter how casual and practical you're trying to be?

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