Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cream of the Crop

Ok, ok-I promise, I'll stop doing color pun names soon, and put something cool like song lyrics or something instead. I didn't have anything spectacular to do today (other than getting $50 worth of clothes at Goodwill for $25 on their "Everything's half off" Memorial Day sale-score!), so today's outfit was simple and tasteful-something I just kind of threw on. Here it is:

Cream colored knit dress-Goodwill

Pinstriped buckle corset-Punk69

Mid-heeled Mary Janes-Target

This dress has pockets-yay! One of my 18 gazillion potential projects for this summer is putting pockets on all of my skirts where the design allows it-one of my pet peeves is that a lot of ready-to-wear skirts don't have pockets. Just 'cause I like to feel girly and twirly doesn't mean I don't have stuff to carry around!

Mid-heeled Mary Janes=love for me. I adore these shoes-I have them in red too, and they are so awesome. I think they're very similar to the dress-simple, classy, and easy to pair with a lot of stuff! Sweater dresses are awesome, and this one is really nice because it's so comfortable. I debated for a while on if it was goth-y enough for me, but then my mind went off imagining all the corsets I could pair with it, and I had to buy it. Plus-POCKETS! I need places to stash my cell, my MP3 player, and random oddments like tape measures and scissors. Granted, these are kind of tiny-but it doesn't really matter, since I am the master of the long-lost and sacred art of Pocket-Fu, which gives me the ability to fit a lot of stuff into a deceptively small storage space. Other notable practitioners of this art include the Doctor from Dr. Who, Hermione Granger, and Mary Poppins. Except I manage to do it without magic or Time Lord powers, so I ultimately win.*

*I am not actually saying I think I am more awesome than any of these characters-I'm sure any of them could out-awesome me with the awesome in their pinky fingers. This is a joke made for...joke-ish purposes. Please don't beat me up, enraged fanboys and/or girls!

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