Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perky, Punky and Pinky

Yay! PINK! Pink makes me very happy, (I definitely fall on the Perkygoth side of the spectrum, if you haven't figured it out yet), so when I saw this skirt at Buffalo Exchange, I simply had to have it. It was $16, which is a little on the high end for a single clothing item (excepting corsets) for me, but it's also Tripp, which meant it was probably 4 times that much originally, so I snapped it up. Here's the outfit:

Pink cami (underneath layer): Forever 21
Black tank: Ross
Black-Black Stripe Buckle Corset: The Crypt
Hot Pink/Black Tutu Skirt: Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: DAV

Look at how full it is! It positively begs to be twirled in. Which I do. Quite frequently. Without shame.

Aren't these tights too adorable? I love the heart pattern on them.
I'm actually very pleased with this outfit-I got a lot of compliments from random people when out shopping. I think it was the tutu skirt. I really like this skirt-I'm super tempted to pick up several kajillion yards of varicolored nylon net next time I go shopping and make several of them-I think it would be pretty simple, they're just gathered layers attached to a waistband. Have any of you ever spent a little more on an item because you thought you might be able to use it as a pattern for other things?


  1. Hi, and welcome to the world of Goth Bloggers! ;) I'm looking forward to taking some time this weekend and reading your posts to date. Oh, and I *love* pink, too! Baby pink, hot pink, ANY pink (as long as it's paired with a healthy dose of black). :-D

  2. Thanks, VictorianKitty! I appreciate the support, and I love seeing your outfits.