Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monthly Theme Post-Gloves!

Wow, I can't believe it's already time for another Monthly Theme Post!

This month's theme was Gloves/Armwarmers, and I was more than happy to oblige!
Necklace-Inherited from my grandma
Black t-Wal-Mart
Red bubble corsetlet-E-bay
Long black satiny opera gloves-Gifted from a friend
Vintage circus-print skirt-Arc
Red tights (underneath)-Target
Floral fishnets-TJ Maxx
Victorian boots-Ross
Bit bigger picture than usual because there was so much fun detail in this outfit! I know, I know, the theme is gloves (and don't you see my simple-yet-fab ones?), but I just couldn't resist a couple of detail shots of the amazing print on this vintage skirt I got for $4(!!) at Arc the other day:

Isn't that print just too much fun for words? When I saw it, I was immediately like "YES!" I thought it would be perfect paired with the elegant long black satin gloves, which, in my mind, have a bit of a circus-performer vibe to them. I have to take them off to use the computer, but when I have them on, they look super-fantastic! I usually wear handwarmers or fingerless gloves (I could do about 18 posts on the subject), but I feel like these definitely have that certain elegance that makes me feel as though a butler named Wadsworth will appear to offer me tea and crumpets at any moment. Happy all soul's day! (Also, tune in tomorrow for my birthday post-in which I will reflect on my personal evolution into Goth! /blatant self promotion.)


  1. I love your gloves, I've been looking for a pair like that since my obsession with Jessica Rabbit (of course I'd be doing a darker version of her:))

    Your outfit is so fantastic. So much attention to detail and so well coordinated. And I love the underbust corset!

  2. As usual I adore your outfit! It's beautiful and nicely coordinated. I love the gloves! :)

  3. Your gloves are awesome! Sometimes simple and elegant is best. And OMG, the boots. From Ross? Seriously??? Too bad they never have my size. :(

  4. Your gloves are gorgeous. :} I think such elegant simplicity is always a pleasure to wear – if I ever start to plan (and sometimes I do) an outfit based on gloves alone, it's all about the similar long, black gloves I have. So very classy.

  5. Such a cute outfit and lovely gloves!

  6. I too love over the elbow black gloves, they make me feel so elegant as well, great outfit and congrats on the awesome deal on that skirt, very cute!!