Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My First Award!

Wow, I don't usually do two posts in one day, but I was very pleasantly surprised, when checking my blogroll, to discover the amazing Irish Phantom Cat had awarded me the Gothic Blogger Award!
Isn't it just too pretty? I feel so honored-I didn't know my little outfits/ramblings were good enough for any kind of award! Thanks, Rebecca-I really appreciate it! Now, the instructions say to pass it on to three of my favorite bloggers, and I've seen a lot of my lovely amazing compatriots with this (VictorianKitty, Sabayon, and  Amy among them), so I would like to second the nominations of all the ladies above, and add:
Darker Fashions-I always love this fashion/review blog-it's really fun to see the newer Goth styles and clothing items-and read the fabulously snarky commentary. I don't always agree with Khar (I happen to love sweetheart necklines!), but the blog is always entertaining and a good read-and it's cool to see how many different styles there are.
Bloggery Of A Gothcat-Kitty Lovett always looks cute. And she loves cats. And writes entertainingly. What more can one ask for?
The Walrus Room-Sary has a great variety of posts about all kinds of things. Her photos are lovely, her outfits are always cute, and I might be a tad bit jealous of how effortlessly pretty she always looks. Love her!
Le Professeur Gothique-I wish I had her as a professor-I feel like we would get along very well! Smart, funny, and insightful, she is always a joy to read and her outfits are amazing. I know she's always teaching me a thing or two! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
I love how supportive/amazing the Goth blogger community is. It's so great to connect with people who share my love of all things dark and wonderfully whimsical, and seeing all the pretty outfits and fun ideas (along with thought-provoking and gorgeously written posts on more serious subjects like what Goth is, what it means to be an individual, and body image and appearances) just warms my heart every day. Love you all!


  1. Oh! Thank you so much. I never expect anyone to pick me for these awards. :3

  2. Sary, no problem-I was just surprised you hadn't been picked before! And you're most certainly welcome, Professor! :)