Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos y Dia De Las Muertas

Goodness, but won't tomorrow be a letdown after three special themed posts in a row! Monday was Halloween, yesterday was the Monthly Theme Post, and today was a twofer: my 20th birthday and Dia De Las Muertas! I wanted to celebrate by wearing one of my favorite color combos, wine and black. I normally would have gone with something a little slinkier/sexier (I always like to feel a year prettier!), but it was freezing and blizzarding today, so I compromised with a worm but elegant outfit:
Square-necked black peasant blouse-Goodwill
Maroon underbust corset-Canal Boat Trading
Double layered black chiffon/wine satin skirt-Goodwill
Black broom skirt (underneath)-Arc
Fake Doc Martens-Wal-Mart

I bustled the chiffon portion of the skirt with pretty pins, then wore this lovely heavy black microfiber broom skirt I scored for $3.50 at Arc underneath it for warmth. I was wearing two pears of sweater tights, too, so I was nice and toasty even in the blizzard weather!

I originally wanted to do a Goth retrospective on my style evolution today, but I need to get some pictures from other sources I don't have with me in order to do that, so instead I'll leave that for later and talk about my fantastic birthday instead. One of my classes got out early today, so I went to the Dia De Las Muertas celebration they had on my college campus today with one of my best friends. She bought me a cute skull necklace (which I'll post pics of tomorrow), and painted my face:
Afterwards, I went out to dinner at Noodles and Company with my other two best friends, still wearing the makeup. It was fun! I've always said that being born on All Soul's Day meant I was fated to be a Goth, so I loved being able to properly celebrate what I think is a beautiful holiday. A celebration of the souls of those passed on, with cheeky nods at death and the inevitability of our own mortality? Sounds pretty Gothic to me! I had a lovely birthday, and I hope that next year's 21 will be as nice!  


  1. Happy Birthday Jamie, it sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun! Your birthday outfit was gorgeous! And I agree with your comment on being born on All Souls Day. Gothhood is your destiny. :)

  2. Thanks Kamyria-the praise is making me blush! *grins*

  3. Happy Birthday! :-)
    Love how your hair looks in the last picture.
    Why don't you wear it down like this more often? It looks great.