Monday, November 28, 2011

The Worst Pies in London, or (unofficial) Movie Monday

Hello, and sorry that last week kind of fizzled-but I'm hoping that this week will make up for it! Today, I decided to participate in Sal Kaye's Movie Monday for the first time-and to kick it off, I wanted to use one of my absolute favorite movies, Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd. And then I realized it wasn't official Movie Monday, but I decided to do it anyway and carry on the tradition. I know it's a total cliche, but I love that movie so much-the music is gorgeous, it's beautifully shot and acted, and holy crap, does it look good. All the costumes are flawless, thanks to the amazing Colleen Atwood, who is kind of my role model as a costumer. I would seriously wear them every day if I had the money; I mean look at this:
And this:
Holy crap, I want that swimsuit so friggin' bad.
Alas, I haven't the resources of a large movie budget, so here's my humble attempt to replicate the awesomeness of the movie's costumes from my wardrobe:
Black lace blouse-DAV thrift
Black cami-Arc
Black and white pinstripe underbust corset-Punk69
Green, red, and blue plaid skirt-Arc
Black lacy skirt-re-made by me from thrifted prom dress
Aaand, because you just can't have a Tim Burton movie without stripey tights, I wore mine today. No one could see them, but I knew they were there, and that's what counts, right? :)
Black and white striped tights-Target
Black Doc Marten-alikes-Wal-Mart
I really enjoyed wearing this outfit-it was like having my own little secret identity, a joke that no one was in on but me. I spent the day humming The Worst Pies In London and Nothing's Gonna Harm you under my breath. I love the character of Mrs. Lovett so much; she is a total bad girl, and I love her shamelessly disgusting practicality and the way she takes advantage of every situation. Plus, I might be a little biased because, as an alto, she's one of the few female leads I can actually sing! She's not an admirable character, but she is intriguing, and I love the way HBC played her. No one can ever replace the inimitable Angela Lansbury, but I think HBC made a great Mrs. Lovett.

By the way, I liked the idea of dressing like a character from a movie or book so much that I decided to do it this week as my weekly theme. Tune in tomorrow to see my spin on my favorite Disney princess!


  1. YAY!!!! SWEENEY TODD! Awesome, awesome, awesome ... and you did a great job with your outfit. AND on a budget too! HUZZAH!

  2. This glorious post and awsome outfit deserve more than deserve it to be official (it'll be added to the round-up as soon as I'm done writing this comment) - not unofficial! :) Thank you for this one: LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!

  3. Aww, thanks Sal! I'm glad my efforts are appreciated by the person who inspired me. :D And Professor, thank you. "Huzzahs" always welcome!