Monday, November 14, 2011

Goth (Stereo)Types Week Day 1-Perky Goth

Hello! Last week was nice and all (and I promise I will post the two missing outfits next week, when I'm on Thanksgiving break and won't be wearing anything more impressive than a Star Trek t shirt and Mickey Mouse fuzzy pajama pants), but I almost find the color weeks...boring after all the fun I had doing various themes in October. So, I wanted to go back to unique, wacky themes-but where to start? Fortunately, as I was surveying my closet, the thought "I can wear so many different styles of Goth!" popped into my head, and I immediately flashed on Black Waterfall's great Goth (Stereo)Types artwork, and went "Ah-HA! I've got it!" So, each day this week, I'm going to dress in my own version of one of the looks. Today, I was feeling very PerkyGoth (which is what I normally am, know, this was stylewise rather than personality-wise!). 
Image copyright Megan Balnack
I'm not going to lie, I showed this picture to one of my friends and she was like "It's YOU! Did the artist draw that off of YOU?" So, I wanted to do my own spin on the PerkyGoth bright-colored look:
Sorry for the blurry pic-my camera was not focusing for some reason today!
Black and silver pinstripe blouse-Arc
Yellow tank top-Forever 21
Black underbust corsetlet-Fusion Federation
Black and yellow Tripp skirt-Buffalo Exchange
Black tights-TJ Maxx
Black and yellow bee socks-Flossie MacGrue's
Platform Mary Janes-Goodwill
I could have done the pink, but I was feeling more yellow today. As the website's lovely description informs us, Perky Goth is not so much a style as it is an attitude-and one I feel I tend to radiate. Who says death, bats, skulls, and other assorted dark whimsies must be gloomy? Pish tosh, says I. I can wear black, skulls, and bats to my heart's content-and still radiate giant rays of sunshiney happiness. Because I'm awesome like that. :)


  1. PerkyGoths unite! I'm equal parts PerkyGoth and HippyGoth X)

  2. Looking very PerkyGoth indeed, Jamie!! I love the outfit! :)

  3. I would never have thought to tie a button-down shirt over a corset... it looks fantastic! Great outfit!

    As I was looking back through your outfit posts (which are awesome, by the way; I love the themes!) I was seeing you list Arc, Goodwill, Savers and thinking "She shops in the same stores I do." :) Then today I see Flossy McGrew's, realize you're in Denver, and think "She really does shop in the SAME STORES I do!" Not just the same chains, but the same actual stores! :D

  4. Haha, HollyElise-isn't it fun! Thanks, Kamyria. :) And Bane, that is too funny. Thrifting is definitely the best way to GIY a great wardrobe. :D

  5. This is a really great idea! I wish my wardrobe was a little bit more expansive, as I also feel I fit into a number of styles. I'm currently doing a lot of Perky, corp, somewhat victorian looks.

    I look sick in yellow, but it looks really good on you!And what a cute pair of corsets!

  6. LOL I said corsets, I meant socks =)