Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cry, Cry Baby Or Goth (Stereo)Types Day 2, Gothabilly

For Day 2 of Goth (Stereo)Types week, there was really no question of what I wanted to do: Gothabilly (as she calls it), or rockabilly, as I call it. I do have a certain affinity for 1950s style clothes-it's probably my second favorite clothing era after Victorian, and the shillouettes are fun, sexy, and suit my figure quite well. In fact, before I officially started calling myself a Goth, I used to tell people I dressed like the lovechild of Tim Burton and June Cleaver on her way to the Ren Faire. This outfit is a lot closer to the example pic than the one yesterday!
Image copyright Megan Balanck
And here's my version of a Gothabilly outfit:
Pearl necklace-Inherited
Polka dot blouse-Goodwill
Polka dot skirt-Goodwill
Wine colored underbust corset-Canal Boat Trading
Fleur-de-lis tights-TJ Maxx
High heeled Mary Janes-Hot Topic
I actually wasn't planning on wearing a corset today, but when I put the blouse and skirt on, it fairly screamed POLKA DOTS-which, while not a BAD thing, per se, also wasn't what I was going for. So I tossed on the corset to break up the pattern and add a pop of color, and presto! I like the touch of red, and I think the dark wine color is a little more unusual paired with black/white than a bright scarlet. Watch me branching out my color combos like a boss. :P And I am truly sorry you can't see the pattern on the tights better, and I couldn't get a picture of them to turn out, because they. are. Fabulous. Covered in fleur-de-lis and subtly sexy, they make me so happy! And what is the point of living if your legwear doesn't make you happy? Not much, says I!


  1. I love gothabilly style, and I really love polka dots! I like the way you used the corset, I was thinking of doing something similar when I finally get a proper corset, because this one dress just looks odd around the middle.

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