Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green and Black Day 2

Hello! Sorry to have missed yesterday, but I have an outfit picture to share! I am prepping to shoot my film for Production, so I will still try to post, but they might be on the brief-ish side-not as much unrelated, witty discourse as usual. Also, I wanted to make this a double post, but internet failure is not letting me upload the second picture, so I will do the double post tomorrow instead. So without further ado, here is yesterday's outfit:
Black lace blouse-Arc
Green cami-Arc
Buckled underbust corset-The Crypt
Black pleated skirt-Goodwill
Green tights-Target
Black Mary Janes-Ross
It's simple, but I like to think it worked! Hmm, not much else to say about this outfit, except that I always feel rather Peter Pan when wearing green tights. And that's fun! These are more teal then true green, TBH, but when you haunt the discount bins at Target to feed your tights addiction, you take what you can get. :)

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