Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feelin' Kinda Grey

It's that time again-for Sophistique Noir's Monthly Theme Post! When I saw the theme was grey, I was quite pleased-I love grey, and I wear a lot about it. Plus, grey suited the rainy weather here in Wellington, so I was able to put two outfits together that matched the theme well. Here's the first:
Black lace blouse-DAV thrift
Grey jersey vest-Valu Mart
Butterfly pin-Goodwill
Black glass beaded bracelet-Fijian store
Grey print chiffon skirt-Goodwill
Fleur-di-lis tights-TJ Maxx
Silver buckle boots-Ross
I love this skirt-it's so flowy, flirty, and flittery, and feels so sophisticated and elegant. I liked the contrast of the silk chiffon with the jersey of the vest. (Which, BTW, was missing a button when I bought it-whaddya expect for $3?-so I stuck the butterfly pin on and no one was the wiser.)
Here's a close-up of the print on the skirt-it's actually a jewelry theme, with pearls, rings, and chains. It just adds to the elegant uniqueness of the skirt, and I love it!
Here's the second outfit:
Owl necklace-Inherited
Black sheer blouse-Paper Bag Princess
Black cami (under blouse)-Goodwill
Silver corset-Punk69
Silver and black crinkle skirt-Eva's Closet
Pointy-toed boots-Target
The first is a little more modern, the second more Victorian-but I like 'em both! I may also be cheating a bit with the latter, because it's more silver than grey, but oh well. The skirt in the latter is a lot of fun too-both it and the blouse were purchased in Wellington, so I'm starting to build a NZ wardrobe! Since most of the clothes I brought with me are black, white, red, or grey, this theme fit perfectly with my wardrobe. Grey is one of my favorite colors, and I love how it works nearly as well as black as a neutral without being, well, black! I love black, but sometimes you need a little change-and grey is always my go-to when I do. 


  1. The grey jersey vest in the first one is really pretty, it gives me an idea for one of my tops!

    That jewelry themed skirt is also so pretty, I love unique patterns!

    Your corsets are always so nice!

  2. I like the silver corset - it's similar to one I saw on Gothic Revival Corsets, but after they never got back to me on an e-mail I sent them, I've not been keen on buying from GRC. I'll have a look at the Punk69 corsets instead.

  3. nice trick with that butterfly pin! looks so cute this way!

  4. I love that first outfit with the gray vest over the lace blouse. Looks great!

  5. Hey, silver counts. It's really just gray with a shine. ;) Both of your outfits are fabulous. I love the print in the first skirt (hmmm... gray prints are definitely a big part of today's theme entries!) and it goes great with the vest. The second outfit would be perfect for a night of dancing!

  6. I love your vest! Actually I love the whole first outfit! ^^

  7. Oh I loved the grey jersey vest! It's very flattering on you.

  8. Cute as always! :)
    I've missed your posts. Looking forward to reading more about your time in Wellington.

  9. I think I like every item that you're wearing! Very beautiful and feminine.

  10. I love both skirts. I've never seen a jewelry-motif skirt before. It's amazing! You incorporated gray into your outfits in wonderful ways. I like gray a lot too.