Monday, March 12, 2012

Two For One, Silver Edition

Hello, all! Had a nice dinner party last night, but it meant I didn't have time to post my outfits, so today you get two for the price of one. Yesterday's outfit:
Black muppets T-shirt: Wal-Mart
Grey satin skirt: Paper Bag Princess
Laced handwarmers: Claire's
Grey tights:Wal-Mart
Black combat boots: Ross
A little more punky/casual than my usual; the skirt is new, and super-swirly, so I really like it, and want to try it in a dressier outfit in the future!

Sorry for the whacked-out lighting in this pic-the sun comes into my room at really weird angles sometimes! I get a beautiful sunset view, though, so it's all worth it.
Gargoyle necklace-Repeat Boutique
Black lacy blouse-Savers
Grey wool vest-Savers
Pinstriped underbust corset-Punk69
Black net and ribbon skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Black tights-Wal-Mart
Flowered round toe shoes-Recycle Boutique
It's a shame the skirt didn't photograph better, as it is a LOT lovelier in person; it's a stretchy black net with ribbons running down it in vertical stripes and a layer of black lace ruffling out from underneath. The back has a trailing fishtail element that makes it look super-Victorian. I'm going to play around with my camera this weekend and see if I can get some better shots of it, because it sure is lovely!


  1. I love the first outfit for its playfulness (the armwarmers are a great touch!) and the second for its elegance. Striped fabrics create such a nice victorian image. The skirt is impressive!

  2. Thanks, Corin! I did feel very playful in the first-the skirt is very full and super-twirly. And I love my stripes-the skirt is definitely super-great and I'm glad I got it! :)