Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vampire Time!

So I don't normally like to break from my chosen color scheme for the week, but when I remembered we were watching both the original 1931 Dracula and the 1957 Dracula with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in my horror film class today, I had to break out the vampire socks, and with 'em, an immaculately co-ordinated red and black outfit:
Bat necklace-Asian Gifts
Red and black corset-Punk69
Black Shrug-Valley Girl
Red fishnet glove-99 Cent store
Black lace glove-Claire's
Ruffled black skirt-Paper Bag Princess
Patterned fishnets-The Warehouse
Vampire socks-The Crypt
Black Mary Jane slip-ons-Ross
I honestly don't think the original Dracula is very good, but it's still nice from an historic perspective. And the Christopher Lee one was lovely, in that deliciously cheesy Hammer-Film way. One of these days, I'm gonna write a post about vampires and my geekery about them (hint: Buffy and Black Dagger Brotherhood=love and fantasticness, Twilight=...do I even have to say anything about its awfulness?), but there is seriously enough material there for a post just on its own and I have homework so I'll leave it for later. This outfit was fun; I went to the Salvation Army today and the clerk asked about my corset and wearing them, and a random woman on the street wanted to know where I got the outfit, so I'm counting it a success. That's the second time I've gotten a compliment while wearing this skirt, so look to see it a lot, because it is fabulously fun to wear and very Steampunk/Goth without being GAWTHY. Rows of pleated ruffles FTW! I'm still working on the mis-matched fingerless gloves thing-I personally like it, but I know some people don't. What are your thoughts?


  1. That corset is very pretty! I think I have the same one in darker red.
    I love it that you matched your outfit with your horror film class! Personally I like the mis-matched gloves. It makes the whole thing a lot more original. I like asymmetry. :)

  2. hey i'm new to your blog :') just wanted to say how gorgeous this outfit is :) and i love the mismatched glove thing, sometimes i wear one long fishnet glove, and one short one, why not? :P xx