Monday, March 19, 2012

STRIPES Week, Day 1-Red and Black

I miss doing my theme weeks, I really do. I mean, I can still do color ones, but I kinda like the more exotic, imaginative ones better-like my fictional characters-inspired week, or my Goth-themed symbols. But with a more limited (by my admittedly exaggerated standards) wardrobe here in Wellington, I just haven't felt like I have enough play. But by gum, I want to make it work! So I'm trying to work with what I have to make interesting themes, and I thought this week I would fall back on the ol' standard of my best-beloved stripes. Today, I was feeling very red and black-ish about the whole thing:
Black heart necklace-Savers
Black shrug-Paper Bag Princess
Skull dress-Hot Topic
Striped handwarmers-Claire's
Striped socks-London street stall
Silver-embellished slides-Wellington thrift store
It was really windy today, so let's just say I was quite glad I wore leggings with this light, ruffly little chiffon-skirted dress! I don;t normally mix patterns, but something about this dress just makes me want to pair it with stripes; last time I wore it, I wore it with stripey tights as well! Wow, I've actually gotten good about linking back to my previous posts...I'm coming up on 100 posts soon, so keep all of your eyes peeled for that one, because I've got some special stuff planned. :)

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