Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I *Heart* Black And White Stripes

A bit of a change of pace today; I don't usually go all sleekly modern, loving my Victorian fripperies as I do, but this dress was so cute I was willing to make an exception for it!
Black and white striped dress-Fijian flea market
White and black fishnet armwarmers-2-dollar store
Black leggings-Forever 21
Black buckled combat boots-Ross
Here's the back of the dress-I love the little heart-shaped cutout, it is so cute and sassy! I was a little hestitant at first because it is quite body-concious, but darnit, I have curves and I'm proud of 'em, so in the end I went for it. Sorry for the tilted camera angles, I'm still working out the photo sitch in my new room. I really like this dress, and I think it's a really useful, versatile, but unique piece- I can't wait to find more ways to wear it! :)


  1. Such a cute dress! Love it with the leggings and boots.

  2. awesome outfit! love the heart!

  3. lovely dress, im sure it could also look perfect with some big boots and ripped tights :-D

  4. I nominated you for a blog award. Visit my page to see it :)