Sunday, March 4, 2012

All The News(Print) That's Fit

For my first day of classes, I wanted a little extra confidence, so I picked one of my favorite pieces, my newsprint corset, and built an outfit around it:

Faux pearl necklace-Inherited
Black lace shrug-Love Culture
White tank top-Wal-Mart
Black and white striped handwarmers-Claire's
Newsprint corset-Punk69
Black ruffle skirt-Paper Bag Princess
White gypsy skirt-Fiji flea market
Black and white striped socks-Claire's
Black Mary Janes-Ross
I actually got a couple of compliments on the corset, and one on the whole outfit, that made me feel simply delightful! I felt a wee bit late-19th-century saloon girl, with the swirly skirts-which, as we all know, is perfectly fine with me! Note the amount of layering in this outfit; because I ended up bringing one carry-on and one large suitcase's worth of clothes for five months, expect to see a lot of ingenious layering and recombining of items in the coming days! 


  1. Aaaw, so cool! I'm looking for a corset with the same print for years now, but they're too expensive...actually, I'd only wear it for fun, so a replica would do, but...anyway, doesn't matter, your outfit is nice, I like the color scheme and the matcy - matchy pieces. :)

  2. I love this outfit! Looks like you scored some great pieces in Fiji!

  3. Love this outfit! All of the black and white pieces tie together perfectly without being "too much."

  4. I'm enjoying you black and white phase immensely. And I'm inspired by your layered skirts. My brain immediately went into Inventory mode, trying to think of what I have that would work like that... :)

  5. Aww, thank you all! Lynoire, I got this corset from run about $28 there. You have to order $200 worth at once because they are a wholesaler, but I save up for it. Electrobat, I did indeed, especially considering that the exchange rate is about 60 cents U.S. to a Fiji dollar right now! Bethezda, thanks-it's one of my favorite pieces. I love it, dunno why I haven't worn it more! KatySioux, thank you-I used to worry about being too much, but now I just say "Eh, It means I haven't lost my muchness." :) And VictorianKitty, I was really excited about the upper skirt-I immediately started envisioning all the things I could layer it with. And I'm glad you like the black and white, as most of the things I brought with me are black, white, or red. The color keeps trying to sneak back into my wardrobe, though, when I go thrifting, and I'm not disinclined to let it. :)