Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Geeky Goth Girl says "Bula!" from Fiji!

Hello, my loves-sorry for the unplanned hiatus, but I've spent the last 13 days flying halfway around the world, getting the worst sunburn of my life, eating massive quantities of Fijian food, and getting settled into my flat in Wellington! I have a couple pictures of your friendly local (only not-so-local any more) Geeky Goth Girl gadding about the lovely isle of Fiji, where I spent ten glorious days:
Here I am, sailing to the beautiful Beachcomber Island in my pretty, sparkly black dress-beach and Goth collide! It was actually the first time I've ever been on a beach, and it was so amazing. Gorgeous weather, warm water, drinks that are much stronger than you expect...but that's another story. :)
Me, holding a baby sea turtle. They were so cute! It took all my self-restraint to not stick him in my pocket and run away with him.
When snorkeling, be very careful of coral. Fun, beautiful...but sharp and pointy! O' course, it probably didn't help that I couldn't wear my glasses and was blundering about underwater blind as a bat.
Why we of the pale persuasion fear the fierce rays of the Daystar. My sunscreen took one look at the Fijian sun, said "screw this, I'm outta here", and fled, leaving me to the sun's mercy, despite copious reapplications. I have never had a sunburn with blisters before...
The day after Beachcomber, thoroughly shielded from the sun's rays, on top of an amazing ancient Fijian hillfort. Note my dedication to Gothy-ness-I still wore black in the tropical heat...I feel like I should submit this to Goths in Hot Weather, even thought it was actually a very cool outfit since the shirt and skirt are both quite lightweight!

Me: 5'4"
Ancient Fijian trees on the campus of the Universtity of the South Pacific: Too, too tall!
Both the cherry print underblouse and the lace overblouse were from the Fijian flea markets...I promised myself I wouldn't buy too many clothes on this trip, but couldn't resist beautiful clothes for insanely great prices, considering the current Fijian/USD exchange rate!
A Goth spin on traditional Fijian dress: I made my own sulu, or sarong, to wear when we visited the village of Waikete, which means water-stomach. The villagers were incredibly warm and friendly, and had the good grace to applaud rather than laughing when I attempted traditional Fijian dance!

Finally, my last night in Fiji-we had a lovely going-away dinner, followed by a viewing of an excellent show called Vaka: Birth of a Seer. This is me with my amazing host mom, Frances, and my lovely roommate Hilary, chilling after a great Fijian meal. I miss the food there-and the people, who were all insanely sociable and affectionate and generally lovely.
Alas, I managed to break my camera between Fiji and Wellington, and only today acquired a replacement, so no pics from Wellington yet. But that'll all change tomorrow! Stay tuned for more pictures, outfits, and stories from Geeky Goth Girl: New Zealand edition. And as the Fijians say, Au Salako!


  1. I'm sorry, but I got tagged in the tag game going around blogger. I'd of ignored it but I got tagged by a good friend. I tagged you, so if you would like to do it, here is the link. Sorry.

  2. Eeep. Evil Orb is evil. It looks like you had a fabulous time!

  3. I did, thank you! It was really marvelous, and I'm so glad I went!