Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

So the lovely Bethezda of Bethezda's Preoccupations actually gave me this amazing One Lovely Blog award last week, but I just tonight got the time to do it properly. Well, first I'd like to thank the Academy...actually, I'd like to thank Bethezda, who started the wonderful Ladies in Black FB group, and consistently inspires me with her amazing makeup. And The Purple Broom, for giving me the award as well-I feel so loved!According to the rules, here are seven things about me, and 15 bloggers tagged for the award:

1.  I actually had a blog previous to this one, having to do with my sewing. I only posted about 30 times over the course of 11-odd months, and I never mentioned it before because I was afraid that if y'all found out I had a defunct blog, you would stop reading this one. But now that I'm getting close to 100 posts in less than 10 months, I'm confident that you can dismiss the earlier blog's failure as a result of youthful frivolity and not have it reflect on my current dedication to blogging. It was about my sewing and called Teen Seamstress, so the name would be defunct now too since I'm now 20. Thinking ahead was not my strong suit at seventeen, apparently.

2. I am a huge, voracious reader of romance novels. I love them all, from the cheesiest cornball 1970s bodice rippers (which are GREAT for a laugh) to the light humor of Rachel Gibson and Celeste Bradley to the psychologically fascinating well-rounded romances of Lisa Kleypas. It's funny because I used to be one of those people who dismiss romances out of hand as silly/frivolous/whatever before I started reading them. I started in slow, with J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood-I could justify reading those because they were FANTASY, with VAMPIRES, so it's not like I was actually reading a *shudder* romance novel or anything. And while I was in the section picking those up, I started to notice others that looked decent...but I still felt guilty about reading them, because I was supposed to be an intelligent, feminist girl-what was I doing reading ROMANCE NOVELS? Then I discovered the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website and it helped me come to terms with my love of romance-and since then, I've been an out and proud romance reader. I'll even read ones like this on the bus, because I am a smart, feminist woman and if I want to read romances, that's my business and no one else's!
3. I love to cook. Asian food is my specialty, and one of my happiest moments so far on my Study Abroad was discovering a very cheap Asian food market not too far from my house. I'm not one of those artistic cooks who makes beautiful, elegant-looking food-but what I do make tastes awesome and fills you up right. I got many compliments on my carrot-potato pancakes at the recent St. Paddy's day corned beef feast I had with a bunch of friends, and I love to try new recipes and put different twists on common foods. Give me a full spice rack, some eggs, and some veggies, and I'll make you an omlette you won't soon forget.

4. I have one piercing: my bellybutton. I don't even have my ears pierced-my dad doesn't really like piercings, and I've never particularly wanted to get my ears done, but in the past couple years I've really wanted my bellybutton done. Finally last April I took the plunge and did it! My mom found out when she came up for StarFest and I was wearing my belly-baring Harley Quinn costume-I didn't say anything, just sort of let it sit there. My mom said "I like the stick on jewels in your bellybutton, that's cute!" I said "Um...they're not stick on...I got it pierced a couple of weeks ago!" She gave me Disappointed Mom Face and said "Well, I guess it's your body, you can do what you want with it." But she's ok with it now. My dad still doesn't know-God willing, I will have children of my own before he finds out. :)
Me, two other Harleys, and mah belly button ring. It's hard to see but it is there!

5.  I'm absolutely addicted to WB/CW shows. From Buffy and Angel to Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries..if it's on that cheesy-yet-charming, low-budget-but-oddly-compelling network, I have probably watched at least a few episodes of it. Only the scripted shows, though-I really dislike reality tv in any way, shape, or form! Personal favorites include the abovementioned four (which are actually all really good shows), Veronica Mars (which was UPN but fits in the same category and is also legit awesome), Smallville, and Charmed (both of which had their dopey moments but also had their wonderful moments.) The shows range from corny as hell (Ringer) to interesting-but-dippy (Nikita) to completely wonderful (all the ones acknowledged as such previously), but I just love them all. Plus, they always present us with shirtless men who look like this: 

And this:

And this:

You're all welcome.

6. I'm a total history nerd, and have been since I was a small child. My favorite books as a 2nd-3rd grader were the American Girl, Dear America, and Little House series. I desperately wanted to be a pioneer and ride in a covered wagon. Then I had probably a much stronger interest in WW2 and the Holocaust than it is generally healthy for an 11-year-old to have. As I got older, the interest shifted first to Tudors (another thing Lady Bethezda and I have in common)/Richard the 3rd/other 14th-16th century British stuff, and then to the Victorian era. I read historical books a lot, both fiction and non-fiction. I strongly suspect this has a lot to do with my love of alternate history and steampunk. Because if WW1 was caused by a divide between countries that use mechanical weapons and countries that use genetically engineered animals, or the Civil War went on for 15 years and included zombies...well, that's just NEAT!

(If you haven't read these series, please do. They are both fantastic, and I met Cherie Priest and she was very sweet and lovely.) 

7. I'm hopelessly sentimental and very emotional, and I make no apologies for it. I used to pretend to be a cynical bitch, but honestly, I still really do like people and am very optimistic, cheerful, and upbeat. My general motto is "People can suck, but never forget that for every one awful person, there are ten great ones." I cry at sad stories on the news and when people die in my favorite series (DAMN YOU, JOSS WHEDON AND GEORGE R.R. MARTIN) and I laugh at the most ridiculous things, and I get very passionately angry and rant-y. My personality has been described as "bubbly", which I'm fairly certain is a nice way of saying "You talk too much and are relentlessly, annoyingly cheerful" but I'm ok with that. I'm loud, and I talk a lot, and I talk fast. I envy quiet/reserved people their air of mystery and dignity which I know I shall never possess, but I have come to terms with the fact that basically, someone threw Abby from NCIS and Quentin Tarantino and Pollyanna in a blender to make my personality. And that's the way I like it. :)

And now for linkies-I'm trying to catch blogs I don't think have gotten the award already, so if you're caught twice, I apologize!
1. Strange Girl-Cery cute Dolly Kei and Lolita-esque fashion, often with lovely outfit pics
2.The Zombie Moshpit-Beautiful jewelry and photos and interesting thoughts
3.Visual Aristokei Core-A lovely combo of Japanese/Eastern influences and Gothic stuff
4.Victorian Android-Nice mixture of Steampunk and Goth-y stuff
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6. Brimstone Butterfly-Wonderful, informative posts about history and architecture
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8.Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusments-Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin!
9.The Midnight Ballroom-Pretty Polyvore sets, gorgeous Lolita outfits
10.Ruffles, Not Diets-Plus-size Lolita who writes well on feminist issues and has neat clothes
11.Dark Entries-A lovely outfit blogger with a great sense of style (i.e she wears things I like :P)
12.Fade To Black-Love her style, love her writing style
13.Quicksilver Sanity-Everything from digital fashion to deep thoughts
14. Siouxsie Law-tongue-in-cheek but informative takes on dark legal news
15. A Goth in College-Also a Goth, also a film/theater student, and we have a similar style. Sisters from a different mother!
Well, now that you know more about me than you probably cared to know, check out these lovely folks and their amazing blogs! 


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  2. Great post and thanks for the yummy pics. :D It's nice to learn a bit about you.