Tuesday, September 13, 2011

She Wore Purple Velvet...Stripes

Ignore my lame song pun title-heaven forbid I ever actually get something that is made of blue velvet! For day 2 of black and purple week, I donned one of my favorite corsets-it has black and purple, stripes, velvet, and ruffles. What more could a girl ask for? It does tend a little toward the costume-y if I wear it with a lot of other really Victorian stuff, though-and some days I feel very steampunk-y, and that's fine, but today I wanted a little more modern vibe.
Black jersey dress-Ross
Purple velvet corset-Punk69
Purple tights-TJ Maxx
Black combat boots-DAV thrift
 I tried to "dress it down" a little by pairing it with casual items-well, casual for me, at least! I'm sure most people would call this dress at least somewhat dressy, but a black jersey dress is my equivalent of jeans-which probably explains why I have three of them. The purple tights were definitely a lucky find at TJ Maxx for $3-I think I'm getting close to having a solid-color pair in every color! It definitely helps with my ever-so-slightly anal-retentive need for color coordination, not to mention that they're fun, funky, and easy to wear. Love!


  1. Gorgeous corset!! I like it paired with the tights. Good choice for a modern look.