Thursday, September 15, 2011

Purple and Sparkles and Stripes (Again!), Oh My!

More purple and black; I know you were all on tenterhooks waiting to see what I'd come up with next. Here's a twofer, since circumstances with school stuff prevented me from posting yesterday!
Wednesday's outfit is shown here:
Black t-shirt-Forever 21
Lilac corset-Canal Boat Trading
Black lace skirt-Goodwill
Purple sparkly tights-Wal-Mart
Black Mary Jane heels-Hot Topic 
  And here's today's installment-the purple is more subtle, but I still had fun with the scheme!    

Black raschel lace top-Arc
Purple tank-Forever 21
Black swishy ruffled skirt-Goodwill
Purple, blue, and green striped socks-Wal-Mart
Black zipper Mary Janes-Arc
The outfit for today was definitely more laid-back/less dressy than the one from yesterday-I seem to be alternating this week! You can't see it in the picture so much, but the tights in the first outfit are sparkly, so they added a fun touch to an otherwise sober-ish outfit. I have so much purple in my wardrobe in so many variations, from casual basics like the tank I wore today to super-dressy pieces like the corset I wore yesterday, that I could probably put together a month's worth of outfits just from the purple items I own. You might notice the black hair in the second pic-it's quite a change from what I'm used to, but a lot of people said they liked it today, so it's growing on me! I actually got deep burgundy dye, and was expecting...well, deep burgundy hair, i.e. dark red with purplish undertones, so you can imagine my surprise when I dried my hair after dyeing and it was really, really black! I'll see how it looks after a couple more washes, but next time I might go with the regular burgundy rather than deep burgundy. :)

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