Monday, September 12, 2011

Black and Purple, and Better Pictures

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus last week, but I hadn't a camera with which to take pictures! Fortunately, that problem was remedied as of Friday, so now I will be back to daily (or twofer-every-other-day) posting-aaannnd my new camera has a front LCD, so I will actually be able to see what it's doing! Yay! This week, I'm doing black and purple, one of my favorite color combos-cliche, I know, but it's soooooo pretty. And here is Day One!
Black cropped shrug-Rainbow
Purple ruffled blouse-Arc (?) 
Black lace skirt-By me
Black zippered Mary Janes (even though you can't see 'em)-Arc
I normally remember where I got almost everything in my wardrobe, but I've had this blouse for about six or seven years, so where exactly I bought it escapes me. I'm actually rather proud of this skirt-you can't see it very well in the picture, but it has two big rows of lace on the bottom and is quite full, giving it a wonderful Victorian feel. It was actually the underskirt in a slightly horrible silvery-purple taffeta '80s prom gown-I took the gown apart, re-gathered the quite pretty underskirt (really, the only salvageable part of the dress-it was quite a monstrosity, to be honest!), and attached it to an elastic waistband. Simple, elegant, and cheap-I think I gave $6 for the dress and used about 50 cents worth of elastic. Not bad for a very similar skirt to this one from GoodGoth, that runs $65-mine doesn't have the lacing, but next time I have my sewing machine and a good 20 minutes, that will be remedied. Have any of you ever made a cheap replica of a much more expensive piece of clothing?

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