Saturday, September 17, 2011

Purple, Black, and Stripes (Yet Again)

Wow. You'd almost think I like wearing purple, black and stripes or something. Fairly simple outfit today, as I'm feeling under the weather due to a bad cold, and had to do shopping for work-so I did what I do best, cute and comfy. 
Alien necklace-Savers
Black and purple striped sweater dress-Arc
Black leggings-Forever 21
Buckled combat boots-Ross
Here's a close-up of the necklace. I love it because it exemplifies both my geekiness and my gothiness!

Sorry about the terrible lighting-I'm still working out the kinks in my photo-taking process. I like this dress because it's really comfy and warm (a must on a cold, rainy day like today), but the bright pattern is still plenty eye-catching. Throw it on over some leggings and you're (well, I'm) good to go. The alien necklace was my little nod to noncomformity in an outfit that otherwise borders on the dangerously mainstream (for me, at least)-something subtle but fun, and it even matches my color scheme! Do any of you have "casual day" outfits for those days when you just don't feel like corsets, frills, and laces, no matter how you love them? 

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