Monday, September 19, 2011

Black and Silver Day 1: Zippers and Schoolgirl Skrits

Trying a little less conventional color combo this week-black and silver! This was heavily inspired by the kick-ass new skirt I got two days ago while thrifting. I paid $4.50 for it, and it still had the original price tags on it:$69! Go me! It was from Bebe, a brand that I've liked, but only thrifted from because it's so expensive. Here's the outfit I put together around it:
 Heart/arrow necklace-Arc
Black lace blouse-Fusion Federation
Black cami (under blouse)-Wal-Mart
Silver pleated Bebe skirt-Arc 
Black opaque tights-Wal-Mart
You can't see my shoes, but they're my standard black Mary Janes with zippers, so you aren't missing anything! 
Here's my mani for the week-I alternated silver with black crackle polish and a light coating of silver sparkle over black. It came out very pretty, and I am rather proud of it! It might be black and gray rather than black and silver a couple of days, but same diff, right? Stay tuned, this week's outfits are gonna be fun!

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  1. You look adorable in this outfit! Lucky find on the skirt. You can get great stuff from Bebe's sale racks, but you have to check frequently to find the Goth-friendly stuff. It's very hit and miss, but worth it when just the right thing turns up at like 80% off.