Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black And Silver Day 2: A Little Bit Ren Faire

So, as you might guess from the title, this outfit is just a tad Ren Faire. Not that I mind that in the least-in fact, it makes me happy, as I get to walk around all day feeling like an elegant lady from another time. (Not that I don't do that 90% of the time anyway...) But I digress. Here's the outfit:
Black peasant blouse-Forever 21
Silver underbust corset-Punk69
Bustled cotton skirt-Arc
Buckled combat boots-Ross
 I got this skirt thrifting on Sunday. It was actually the bottom part of a Halloween costume, the top part of which was awful-a "pirate" blouse with itchy, shapeless lace on the top and a plastic-boned lycra bottom. So I was a bad girl, and just bought the skirt, even though they were hung together. I love to go to Arc around Halloween, because a lot of the stuff they put in the Halloween section suits me perfectly for everyday wardrobe. Ah, the benefits of being a Goth. This is one of those long skirts with the ribbons inside you can tie up to give a lovely pouf effect, and I really like the overall look. On to more black and silver tomorrow! 

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