Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Colors for a New Post

Goodness, but have been a terribly negligent blogger lately! I do apologize for my absence from the cyber-world, but I have been re-packing trying to get ready to go back to college and I have honestly been dressing to combat the heat more than to look awesome, so the combination has led to no blog posts. I'm back, though-I've done a lot of sewing that I just have to post about, and I'm starting to develop a better sense of hot-weather Gothiness. Today, I was just going to meeting, so I knew I'd be inside in the cool, so I dared to wear a corset. Love my corsets, but in hot weather the three layers of fabric can really make for a Sweaty McGee me-I wanted to wear one badly enough today to risk it, though!
Forset green lace dress: Goodwill
Cream silk underbust corset: Punk69
Mary janes: Goodwill
You'll be seeing a lot more of these dresses as I go back to school and have outfits everyday-they are one of my favorite things to wear. Throw one of the five of them on with one of my multiple corsets, and I have an instant, elegant, easy outfit. I think this corset was a little nicer to wear than some of my others might have been because it is silk rather than poly or PVC, so it breathes a lot better. I wasn't sure about the ivory/cream and forest green color combination initially, but I actually think it's a really good coordinate. As much as I love my blacks, I want to try and branch out from my black/everything color combinations this year and try some other, more unusual ones-ivory and dark red, goldenrod and navy blue, aubergine and gray all being colors I have in my wardrobe but haven't really worn together because I usually wear them individually with black. Do any of you have favorite non-black but still goth-y color combinations that you like? 

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  1. Welcome back to Blogland! :) Lovely corset!!! And I like the shoes. I definitely need something like that!