Sunday, August 21, 2011

Phew! (Or, A Brief Note & Apology)

Hi! So, despite my previous reassurances of returning to the blogosphere, life in the form of moving back to college rather got in the way. But never fear-just today, I put the last of my clothes away, hung my posters, and stuck various and sundries into my desk drawers. Starting tomorrow, I will have:
1. Two outfits (involving skirts I made myself!) that I took pictures of but didn't have time to post.
2. Monday through Friday outfit posts, sometimes with weekend pictures depending on what I do.
3. Home decor photos of my dorm room, which I strongly feel is both suitably geeky and suitably gothy
4. Manicure photos, and lots of other interesting thingamajigs!
Don't leave, all 8 people who read this blog-I haven't abandoned it, I swear! I just sorta took a couple of unplanned and unannounced hiatuses. Which will be ended starting upon the morrow. :)

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