Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black and Red Week Day 2

Look! Look! I'm actually posting two days in a row, aren't you pleasantly surprised? Continuing the red and black, here's today's outfit:
Black stretchy peasant top: Ross
Red lace handkerchief-hemmed skirt: Arc
Black and silver tights-Forever 21
Black Mary Jane wedges-Repeat Boutique
I saw this skirt when buying part of my Halloween costume at Arc on Saturday and just had to have it, despite my resolution to not buy clothes as much this year. Red lace over black, an asymmetrical fairy hem, and pencil-style without being too fitted? Sign me up! There was some light damage on one side of the skirt (holes in the lace, like it had caught on something) that you can't see in the photo, but I liked it too much to care-and I can always repair later. The skirt I wore yesterday was another casualty of my weakness for lace skirt-my friend found it while we were shopping, and showed it to me, and I couldn't resist the combination of good, non-stretch black lace and just-below-the-knee length. It was so classic and perfect! If I keep it up at this rate, one of these days they're going to find my body covered in a huge heap of lace skirts that fell out of my closet. Ah, well, at least I'll die stylishly. 

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  1. Great skirt! Haha! I don't blame you for succumbing to weakness in this case. :) It was worth it!!