Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Pink, Red, and Black, Oh My!

I know you were all waiting in breathless suspense to see my last two outfits from Hot Pink and Black week, and I finally have time to post today, so I can give them to you, along with the first outfit from Red and Black Week! (I have so much red and black I don't think I'll end up replicating anything I wore for Sophistique Noir's Red and Black Week...I don't know if that's sad or awesome.) And my camera will hopefully be coming soon, so please bear with my crappy pictures until then!
First hot pink and black outfit:
 Black and hot pink mesh top: Thrifted ages ago, I don't know where
Black d-ring canvas skirt: Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
Wedge Mary Janes: Repeat Boutique

 I didn't get a really good picture of the top while I was wearing it, so here's a better image of it. Even though this top is a bit "mall-goth", I still can't help but love it-there is something about the little mesh sleeves that is irresistibly cheeky to me!
 Here's the second hot pink and black- I was rather pleased with how comfortably cool as well as thoroughly Goth-y looking this outfit came out!
Black jersey dress-Ross
Black and hot pink stripe stockings-Buffalo Exchange
Black zipper Mary Janes-Arc
And here's today!
Black and red Asian-style top-Plato's Closet
Black lace skirt-Goodwill
Black elastic strap Mary Jane heels-Target
Not that I have a marked preference in shoe styles or anything... :) I desperately want the weather to cool down so I can start wearing my corsets again! Being a hardy sort, I can generally wear them through heat in the 80s, but it has been over 90 degrees here for the past two weeks straight, and an extra three layers of fabric and steel boning doesn't exactly help one stay cool! Now that the craziness of the first week back has passed, I should be able to post daily instead of doing glut-posts like this-wish me luck! Until next time, gentle readers, adieu! 

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