Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Pink and Black, Days 1 and 2

When I'm in town and going to school, I normally do "color weeks"-I pick out which color I'm going to wear, do my nails, and select my outfits accordingly. I do this for a lot of reasons; it lets me be anal-retentive and coordinate my nails to my outfits, it gives me a guideline to work off of when selecting things from my rather massive closet, and I like to think it ties the week together. I want to try and expand myself this year and do themes as well as colors (I already have an idea for some Harry Potter-inspired outfits, and prints would be fun!), but I'm starting out rather un-ambitiously and sticking with color for now. This week, I wanted to do hot pink and black-fun, it pops, and I wanted a little help standing out on the first few days of classes. I had a friend unexpectedly stay over last night, so I didn't blog the outfit, but I have pictures! Just as a note, my pictures will probably be kind of crap for the next week or so, because my camera died and I'm awaiting a new one, and trying to work out a place in my room where I can set up my chunky old Kodak (it can't read a memory card above 2 gig!) and take good pics with the self-timer. But you can still see the outfits, and that's the important part, right? :)
*Pink satin corset-style tank top:Tripp via Buffalo Exchange
*Black satin pleated skirt-Goodwill
*Black Mary Jane heels-Target
And here's Day 2-today:
*Black vest-Buffalo Exchange
*Pink tube top (under vest)-K-Mart
*Black lace skirt-ARC
And a shoe shot of my beloved Demonia sandals, which I wore today. Both these outfits are great examples of my ongoing quest to find a nicer-looking but suitably ventilated Hot Weather Goth look-but even so, without my parasol, I think I might have melted. It came close to 100 degrees today! Check back tomorrow for more hot pink and black outfit photos and a manicure shot-I actually have to touch it up, since my nails get ridiculously chipped ridiculously fast when I'm working! 


  1. Hey, your Tripp top is kinda similar to my Tripp top (and "Tripp top" is a funny phrase)!! :-D You look great!

  2. I like the idea of doing "color weeks", never thought of that before. Your outfits are very cute :)