Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stripetember Participation Day Post!

WOW! Can I just say, I am simply OVERWHELMED by the response I had to my very first participation day? THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU ARE MAKING ME TYPE IN ALL CAPS. THAT IS HOW AMAZING YOU ARE! Here's to all the lovely ladies who showed me their stripes:
1. VictorianKitty of SophistiqueNoir
2. Lesthi of Lesthi's Blog
3. Lynoire of Milking The Rolling Cow
4. Captain Cadaver of Bats and Cats
5. Katherine of In Pandaemonium
Thanks so much, ladies-you all rocked the stripes! :D
Here was my outfit for today: I went daring, and mixed my stripes up a little!
Black ruffled blouse-Forever21
Red and white striped vest-Made by me
Black and white striped skirt-Arc
Black leggings-Ross
Black faux Doc Martens-Wal-Mart
I like the look of this skirt, but unfortunately it wrinkle's like nobody's business. I might end up repurposing the fabric into something like a vest or a corset that won't wrinkle-we'll see! There is just not enough black and white striped stuff in this world, if you ask me. Thank you all again for participating, and keep your eyes peeled for next month's theme and theme day. After blogging for about 16 months, I finally feel like I'm really stretching my legs and coming further into the blog-o-sphere and I couldn't do that without all of you. :) 


  1. Looking forward to next theme! :D

  2. Every single outfit is stripe-tastic!
    I wish I could've participated, but I just don't have enough stripes :(

    Perhaps next time I will!